Sign Your First Clients in 14 Days

Without a budget? Too soon? Too much to expect? Not so. When launching your online business – or any business, for that matter – you need to take it from a ‘good idea’ to reality as quickly as possible. Which means, if it’s to be a business rather than a hobby, you need clients. You need to make some money.

I’ve spoken to many people who are nervous about getting ‘out there’ with their product; instead they tinker obsessively with the setting up: tweaking their logo, rearranging their product display, attending another webinar to learn every single thing they’ll need to know to live their dream. That’s not a bad place to be while you sort out your thoughts and pull your courage together. There does come a time, though, when you need to say ‘done is better than perfect’ and get things cranking. The rest you can figure out along the way.

If you’re in that moment and you need to know how to start, this handy schedule will help. ‘Sign your First Paying Clients in 14 Days’ is a compilation of the things I’ve found effective when kicking off a number of different projects.

McKee Creative - Sign Your First Paying Client in 14 Days - Free Download

Be prepared to focus completely on the process of sales and to repeat the steps that bring value, day after day. Have a go at each one and build income-generating habits.

If you know anybody else who would benefit from this, pass it on. And let me know how you go 😉