Sales? Schmucky? Think again.

If you’re in business, you need to understand sales. Yes, even you authors who are happier behind your keyboard than in front of a person, and leave your house only once a week because your dog needs food from the grocery store.


I don’t need to cover the horror stories of lousy salespeople. You’ll have your own. And the icky feeling that covers your skin and leaves you feeling you need a shower when you think of those is something I understand.

McKee Creative - Sleazy Sales Guy

But many of my clients have told me, “I just want to create my message to help people. But I don’t want to have to actually tell them about it! I’m not the confident, outgoing type!”

Yup.  Like that’s going to work 😉

Let’s think of it this way.

You have something useful to contribute. It might be that you’re a chook whisperer. (That guy is real, by the way.) Or Lindsey Nelson, an engineer who’s turned to helping people finish ambitiously fun projects. Or Soozey Johnstone, who has quite a knack for telling the boss of a large organisation that they are the problem. (Disclaimer, I’ve edited for Soozey and love working with Lindsey. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting the chook whisperer yet.)

You have something people need.

Once you have created the vehicle to help people do whatever it is they need, you have to let them know how it will help them. The easiest way to do that? Get to know them so that you know your product will actually be of benefit for them, and then share those benefits. Because people matter, after all.

McKee Creative - Give People What Benefits Them

That’s it?


If you care about people, you’ll want to help make their lives better. Or funner (don’t argue. I have decided that is, in fact, a word). Or more interesting.

The good thing is that you get to choose your format(s). There is a truckload of tools that are either free or inexpensive that you can use to speak up and make sure the people who need what you do will hear you. Investigate these:

  1. Build an audience via your Facebook Business Page and/or group
  2. Write articles on LinkedIn that help people see your unique offering
  3. Grow a Pinterest audience – you’d be surprised!
  4. Particularly if you’re in travel, fashion or fitness, go for Instagram
  5. Messenger Bots are a thing now. Look  ’em up and see how they can help you connect with people. Will share an article on those soon.
  6. Facebook Ad campaigns, targeted with precision
  7. Content marketing. The good stuff, not the ‘junk food’ type.

What is important is that, whatever way you do it, your target audience needs an opportunity to get to know you, decide they like you, and trust you.

You know your field. So, it’s easy to share that.

Go for it!