Boosting posts? Please don’t!

Ever seen those little prompts from Facebook telling you ‘Others have boosted posts like this …’ and found yourself thinking, ‘Oh, it’s just twenty bucks. I should give it a go.’

Of course you have. And we understand that your intentions are good.

Our team saw an example last week where a guy was so well-intentioned that he had spent $8 k boosting posts – that’s EIGHT. THOUSAND. DOLLARS.

What’s wrong with that? One must advertise, after all. Just a couple of things wrong, there:

  1. This guy didn’t have any tracking in place. No pixel code on his site. No standard events on any pages. Nothing. So he was flying blind, not able to tell whether anybody had visited his site because of the ad, not able to tell whether anybody had purchased because of the ad, not able to look at where customers were engaging on which page. Not able to retarget that valuable, warm audience. Never able to chat to all those good people again.
  2. And when one boosts a post one is, in fact, creating an ad. Without having to think about all those pesky metrics in Ads Manager or (don’t even breathe its name) Power Editor. The problem with not having to think about all those pesky metrics is that all you’re doing is showing the ad to fans of your page (like your mother, who probably doesn’t need your widget), friends of fans of your page (who might be friends with your fans but that doesn’t mean in a million years that they might need your widget) – and then creates a second round with no targeting at all.

A well-structured Facebook Ad campaign can zoom right in on your ideal customer and nurture them until they’re ready to buy. And you get the fun of knowing what’s happening at every stage of the process, which means you get to fix any parts of the process that aren’t performing as they should.

Next time you’re tempted to press that convenient ‘boost post’ button, sit on your hands. Then call us. We really like helping you boost your revenue instead.

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