Effective Facebook Ad Campaigns

Ready to accelerate your business online?

I’ll show you how to get results from an effective Facebook Marketing Campaign.

McKee Creative - Virtual Assistant and Facebook Ad Strategists - Facebook Ad Campaigns

First, we will make sure we are both clear on your goal AND your budget.

Then, we’ll map out a strategy.

Each campaign will have a specific point of action; for instance a particular product, special or your ‘Home’ page.

I’ll take care of the pixel placement to show tracking and will monitor the results daily.

During the campaign your ad will be tested against different audiences and styles of text to get the best results.

I’ll send you a weekly tracking sheet to make sure you know what is happening.

Grow your customer base exponentially with a Facebook Ad Campaign created especially for your business.

We’ll give you full support, tailoring the program to perfectly suit your goals.


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