Sales Funnels

Want to sell your products?

In days gone by, marketing was on billboards, TV, in newspapers, on the radio and via sales reps. Now, you can ‘funnel’ leads online, building awareness with potential customers until they’re ready to buy from you – and ready to refer you to others.

There’s not much point paying for an ad campaign if you haven’t figured out what you’ll do with the leads. How will you nurture your leads? What does your customer see when they click on your ad? Does your website support the vibe of your ad campaign? I’ve been known to tell clients to turn their ads off until we get this right, and once we do, the value from your campaign will be far greater.

The correct sequence and timing can help your marketing strategy click “Boom!”

Here’s a quick explanation from one of my favourite platforms, Clickfunnels:

Essentially, it’s about doing the right thing at the right time in the right sequence.

A sales funnel is a tailor-made system to help your customers get to know your business. Each step helps the potential customer become familiar with the benefits you bring to them and builds trust.┬áThe data from each stage of the funnel gives you rich insights into your customers’ behaviour and helps you improve each facet of your marketing

And once you get it right, the automation of a sales funnel will accelerate your income. Let’s stack the dominoes in the right way.


Here’s what we’ll do for you:

  • Build a fully-tested, custom, high-end sales opt-in and upsell page(s) branded to your business.
  • Write compelling ad copy.
  • Ensure the pages are optimized for SEO.
  • Insert your Facebook pixel in the correct place of your website for tracking.
  • Integrate that with your email service and payment gateway.
  • Set up a confirmation email that customers will receive upon purchase.
  • Install the right sequence of ‘nurture’ emails to communicate with your clients.
  • Edit your page(s) and/or emails any time within the first 14 days as required.

Ideas are quick to come by. It’s the execution that matters.

Get in touch with your questions and see how your business can grow!


McKee Creative - Sales Funnels - Jo McKee