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We reduce your mental load by ensuring every aspect of your digital marketing is operating perfectly.

Get consistent revenue growth, with impeccable personalised service.

“Your system works like a charm! Thank you!” ~ Tara 

We've got your back ...

When we asked Andrea Curtis, a client who’s been with us since 2017, to articulate what we do for them, here’s her answer:

“You are our Facebook and Googe marketers, IT, coaching and operations support to help drive our business. You bring business development and coaching in a way that brings it to ‘normality’ and you keep it simple.”

Yes, we’re marketers. But our life and business experience also means we bring a bigger-picture support to clients, to help them see opportunities across platforms, with fresh resources, and with streamlined systems (simple is often the most effective). Marketing is simply amplifying the message, and the impact, of our clients’ work. So if there are foundations that need to be built before that, or problems to be resolved within a client’s business so that their marketing message is more effective, we get it done.

The McKee Creative Team

Jo McKee

managing partner

Michael Schwarzel

strategic partner

Charlotte Griffiths


Eroll Encabo

campaigns + funnels

Let our expertise pave the way.

Whether you want to try out a new type of campaign or split test which landing page converts the most customers, we make it happen easily.

Our mission is to complement your business strategy with sound advice, seamless execution and excellent return on investment. 

From just $231/week

Get access to the skill set of our entire team.

Success across a range of industries

We’ve worked with businesses from industries as varied as film distribution, marine tourism, ecommerce, education, professional services and health.

More than just ads

Clients appreciate our strategic approach and that relief of knowing we ‘have their back’. 

Relationships built for longevity

Regular check-ins ensure nothing gets lost in the day-to-day, and you’ll be able to concentrate on your core strengths when running your business.

What we're about ...

For as long as I can remember I’ve been the type to get very excited when I meet someone who’s doing something fabulous, and I’ve had a knack for connecting them with resources to help them grow.

So when McKee Creative was established, it was natural that we built systems that bring holistic marketing and business support to our clients. We love the mix of industries that we get to work in, and at our core we know it always comes down to connecting people.

Our job? Look after the systems that bring people to your business, and identify opportunities for your brand’s revenue growth. The first consideration is “who are we speaking to, and what is the offer?” Then we decide which tools  to use, and make it happen.

Your money only goes where it grows, as easy as that.

If we don’t think we can help you, we’ll let you know upfront. Sometimes we may even send you to a competitor, if we think they’re better suited to the job. If you’re not sure, set up a call to go over what’s in place, where you want to be, and we’ll see whether we can get you there.

Brands that trust us with their growth

People ask us, “What’s your niche?”

We work with business owners who are, as per William Morris, producing something that’s “useful, or beautiful, or both.” If you’re making a positive impact, we’ll help you amplify that.

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