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Complete Digital Marketing Solution

… without paying monthly agency fees
or spending countless hours attempting to DIY.

Walk away with a clean setup for Facebook & Instagram, Google and Email marketing with the All-in-One Business Marketing Kit.

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Refreshing to see a professional actually know what they’re talking about.

“It was refreshing to see a professional actually know what they’re talking about and execute with laser precision. We’ve worked on projects with Jo’s team from full blown branding and marketing audits (she crushed it), 20+ page website builds, and implemented a strategic digital advertising game plan inside Facebook and Instagram and is crushing it.”

Travis Eubanks, Digital Marketer

What is the All-in-One Business Marketing Kit?

Not all businesses are ready to take on a digital marketing agency. Maybe the monthly cost isn’t feasible just yet or the long-term commitment feels overwhelming. But business owners know they need to invest in digital marketing if they’re ever going to grow their business.

The All-in-One Business Marketing Kit gives businesses the unique opportunity to enlist the skills and knowledge of experienced digital marketing experts to spend 30 days setting up and testing Facebook & Instagram, Google and Email marketing for them.

After the 30 day period, you’ll not only walk away with all the foundations in place for your business’s digital marketing but easy-to-follow training videos to keep it all running nicely in-house.

This is for you if…

The All-in-One Business Marketing Kit will give you the solid foundation for your business’s digital marketing to:

Bring the right customers

We use Facebook and Google to make sure the perfect people find your brand.

Stay top-of-mind with them

People buy from brands they're familiar with, as simple as that.

Provide information they need

We provide all the knowledge they need to make a peaceful purchase

What’s included?

Graphic Design

It won’t just look pretty, our skilled Graphic Designers are pros when it comes to creating content that will sell your product or service with ease.


(Single Service Value)

Facebook Ad Account

We won’t just set up your entire ad account—we’ll also conduct audience and ad testing to ensure precise targeting and messaging before handing it over to you.


(Single Service Value)


You know those ads and emails you see pop up and you think, “How did they know …?” Yes. We write those.


(Single Service Value)

Email Set Up

Email marketing is probably one of the most under-rated platforms, and it is possible to significantly increase the revenue of your business … almost on autopilot … with a strong email campaign in place.


(Single Service Value)

Google & SEO

You might not want to run paid Google ads just yet and that’s completely okay! But we’ll make sure your online presence is optimised so the algorithm favours your website organically.


(Single Service Value)

Training Videos

After the 30 days is up, it’s over to you. But don’t worry, we’ll provide you with easy-to-follow training videos that’ll step you through everything you need to know to keep things ticking away like clockwork.


(Single Service Value)

Why use McKee Creative’s Digital Marketing Solutions?

We have been providing complete digital marketing solutions since 2005. The reasons why so many clients across Australia & worldwide benefit from our services include:

Get the foundations in place for your business with the All-in-One Business Marketing Kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. That’s one of the key aspects that makes this kit appealing to small business owners. While most agencies require you to spend $150 a day on Facebook ads alone, when you purchase the kit, we’ll work with whatever budget you feel comfortable with. For the best results, we recommend spending a minimum of $70 a day on Facebook ads to start with.

In order for us to complete your full setup, we require these things already in place:

  • Completed website
  • Facebook ad account
  • Facebook pixel set up on your site
  • Email platform (We recommend ActiveCampaign or Klaviyo)
  • At least 10 images
  • Brand colours & fonts
  • Completed onboarding brief

If you want to give this a red hot crack, you can add on any or all of the following:

  • Landing page (copy, design & creation included)

  • Blogs (buy a pack of 6 blogs to improve your website’s SEO)

  • Ongoing campaign management

  • Ongoing SEO management

Yes, we do! You can either order whatever copy you require at Your Ads on Demand and one of our skilled copywriters will get it to you within 3 business days. Or, you can learn copywriting skills and tools for yourself and join my Copywriting for Profit training.

Book a call with us here and we’ll chat through the best thing for your business moving forward.

I know what it’s like…

When I first started out as an agency owner, I was trying to do everything all at once but I was spread too thin.

Eventually, I admitted I needed help, to bring on experts to take a few things off my hands so I could focus on what I was good at.

I quickly realised how much time I’d been wasting trying to learn and do everything for myself when it not only saved me hours each week but hundreds of dollars to get help elsewhere.

It wasn’t long before the agency started to grow and our clients were raving about the work we were doing for them.

You can see what I’m getting at here…

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is to get other people to do things for you 😉

McKee Creative will reduce your mental load by ensuring every aspect of your digital marketing is operating perfectly.

If you want to meet our team and read a bit more about what we’re all about, click here.

In case you need a recap.

When you purchase the All-in-One Business Marketing Kit you’ll get a whopping $11,250 of value for just $6,993 + GST:


Facebook & Instagram ad and email copy (value $1,000)


Facebook & Instagram ad creative and email template (value $1,350)


Email marketing set up (value $1,800)


Facebook ad account set up and optimisation (value $3,000)


Google and SEO work (value $1,600)

BONUS: Free easy-to-follow training videos so you can keep the revenue rolling in! (value $2,500)

Purchase the All-in-One Business Marketing Kit now for just $6,993 + GST!

And save $4,257

* Ad spend additional, and at a daily rate that suits your resources. We recommend a minimum $70/day be allocated for effective testing. See case study here: https://www.mckeecreative.store/case-studies/conscious-calendar-co

Ready for the next successful digital marketing project?

If you are looking for results driven digital marketing solutions for your next project, tell us what you have in mind. We would love to help you make your project successful with a complete digital marketing solution that is tailored to your goals.