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Searches rising for all-in-one marketing company. Here’s why.

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Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in searches for all in one marketing companies. Businesses and organisations are increasingly turning to these companies to help them manage their marketing efforts in a more efficient and effective way. And it’s no wonder, with the competing pressures of tech changing faster than you can blink (literally if you’re not up to date twice a day on Twitter with algorithm and platform changes, you’re out of touch) and the time businesses need to spend on their own supply chain management, customer service and internal product delivery processes.

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All in one marketing platforms versus all in one marketing companies

Before we go further, it’s important to understand the difference between all-in-one marketing platforms and all-in-one marketing companies, or agencies.

As a foundation, all-in-one marketing describes a holistic approach, using a bunch of channels and strategies to reach your audience – and the nicest benefit is that they handle everything for you. This also means it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

When we talk about all-in-one marketing at McKee Creative, we’re covering both paid and organic strategies, across search engine optimisation (SEO), blog publishing, email marketing, paid social media and organic content.

All-in-one marketing platforms are software solutions that offer a suite of tools to manage marketing efforts from a single dashboard. SEMRush is a great example of this, as is Hubspot. While they can be a great option for small businesses or organisations with limited marketing resources, they do not offer the same level of customisation and expertise as all-in-one marketing companies.

All-in-one companies (usually referred to as agencies) have a team of people skilled in different areas, including SEO, Google Ads, paid social, email marketing, blog writing and organic content production/marketing.

They work with clients to develop a customized marketing plan that meets their unique needs and goals, and then execute that plan on their behalf.

Clients are free to focus on running their businesses, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their marketing team is on their account daily, optimising the numbers and keeping an eye out for fresh opportunities.

An early leader in all-in-one marketing

McKee Creative was at the forefront of this trend way back when the noisy voices were shouting “don’t hire a generalist; you need a specialist”. What those voices forgot is that a deliberately-small team of specialists can provide a significant competitive advantage for small business.

McKee Creative started in 2017 as a Facebook ads agency. But it didn’t take too long to see that clients were paying for leads and new customers, and often not following up effectively to make the most of the cost of acquisition, and in retaining customers. As the algorithm became more complicated and Meta’s support capabilities diminished, it also became a matter of risk management.

Clients needed more, so in 2018 McKee Creative released the Economy Package to provide a cost-effective method of supplying all-in-one marketing. The package covers SEO, weekly blogs, email marketing and paid ads on social + Google, and it proved a hit for clients who were happy to look after their organic posts in-house and leave the rest to us.

For clients who want a professional setup and are then able to manage their marketing in-house, the All-in-one Digital Marketing Kit from McKee Creative has been incredibly successful. See feedback here. We literally set up everything in the same way as we would for an in-house Economy Package client, road-test it for 2 weeks to make sure it’s doing what it should, and then show the client how to run it themselves.

Demand continued to grow, so the Retail Therapy Digital Marketing Package was born. With the addition of daily organic content on up to three channels, it’s a winner for brands doing $100k/month that are ready to move to the next level. 

5 reasons why the Retail Therapy package is essential to your business (1)

With so many good marketing ideas + tactics coming at business owners every day, it can be a real problem knowing which to give attention to. The “tyranny of the urgent” can leave business owners wasting their time with setting up flashy tools, and never seeing much growth in their revenue.

What works in reality is the consistent application of building marketing assets, putting them in front of the right people at the right time, and following up to build retention and customer lifetime value.

This will only become more important as the marketing landscape continues to evolve. 
Avoiding overwhelm, knowing things are running smoothly, and enjoying peace of mind is the experience of clients who subscribe to McKee Creative’s marketing packages. We’re equipped to handle the changes and deal with the tech, and have enough experience from a diverse range of industries to understand what makes people tick.

The other huge benefit of an all-in-one marketing package is that of price. Not only is the actual price point of each package cost-effective, having one team across all aspects means that new opportunities are leveraged right away.

More than ever, a comprehensive and clear approach to marketing your business is a must.

How to evaluate an all-in-one marketing company

When evaluating the best option all-in-one marketing company for your business, make sure you know:

  1. Which services are included
  2. Which services are not included
  3. How much time is required from you or your in-house team each week for your marketing to be effective (our clients love that we “look after it all” and they only need to send footage from their latest photoshoot!)
  4. And something many people don’t think to ask: how the all-in-one marketing company you choose looks after their quality control.
  5. Ask what assurances the company provides for its work.

When you’re ready for an all-in-one marketing strategy

Decide whether you want to run it in-house, or engage an agency.

If in-house is an option, consider having us build the All-in-one Business Marketing Kit to give you the best start. It comes complete with personalised training videos and we’ll walk you through every step before handing over the reins.

If you prefer to let us handle it for you, consider whether the Economy Package or Retail Therapy Package is the best fit.

You’re welcome to book a call to talk over the options, or simply click the button to subscribe and we’ll send a Briefing document through, then schedule your onboarding call.

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