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The best Facebook ads course on the market … and why it’s most accessible way to level up your business

The best Facebook ads course on the market

Why do we recommend this Facebook ads course, when our agency broke up with Facebook?

Yes, that’s right. McKee Creative broke up with Facebook in 2022 and there will be no “make up campaigns” until Meta fixes its security issues + lack of useful support.

We are extremely good at Facebook ads (see evidence of how we beat a bigger agency in October 2022 here) but just cannot promote the channel until there is more integrity there.

Our in-house agency clients are doing very nicely without Meta in their world via our combo of Google cpc, Tik Tok paid campaigns (bringing 3-4 x return on ad spend), email marketing, SEO and blogging. Their revenue continues to climb.

But we recognise that many small businesses still want to use Facebook ads to bring their leads and sales.

In fact, we still have over 80 other agencies that come to us for their Facebook ad copy via Your Ads on Demand.

Being trained in Facebook ads is very useful for business owners who need to know how to speak “Facebook ads” when creating strategy with their own Facebook ad manager.

As an example, Pedramin Vaziri owns SoulexDC Float Spa in, you guessed it, the heart of Washington DC. Her Facebook ad manager is highly skilled, and Pedramin brought us on to run her email marketing. But Pedramin was getting her offers too complicated in her funnels, and it was causing her FB ads results to stall. 

When Pedramin saw ADVisory she knew it was “just the thing” at just $297 for 12 months’ access, and signed up immediately. The next day we received this email:

“Sign up for Jody Milward course (I already did and almost finished with module 1, it’s full of golden nuggets)😍😍

~ Pedramin Vaziri

ADvisory course image - facebook ads course - mckee creative

ADvisory is the training program that people across the world are using to learn the latest Ad Strategies when running Facebook and Instagram Ads for Coaches, Course Creators and Service Providers.

How do we know this Facebook ads course is the best you can get?

Simply put, we know the work of ADvisory’s creator, Jody Milward, very well. 

Jo McKee trained with Jody under Cat Howell via Cat Howell’s Facebook Ads Academy (the fee there was 3367% of Jody’s ADVisory Facebook Ads training!)

We’ve seen Jody run campaigns for some of the biggest names in the course creation and online coaching business, taking their revenue to the next level behind the scenes.

And we’ve watched as, a few years ago, Jody started to share her skills with people all over the world so that they could earn a proper income online, regardless of their location. For example, military spouses found it “just the thing” and have gone on to build businesses based on integrity of results. Jody’s mission is to equip women with in-demand skills and the movement is growing.

Jody Milward has trained women all over the world, empowering them as Facebook Ad Managers. Buy Jody Milward's ADVisory for just $297 now to level up your career.

Everything Jody does is comprehensive, clear, and “real world” when it comes to how to implement.

Quality, inexpensive Facebook ads training for Coaches, Course Creators and Service Providers

We don’t recommend products or courses lightly. There is way too much noise out there, and our mission is to keep marketing simple, effective and profitable.

At $297 for 12 months’ access, Jody Milward’s ADVisory is the best-value, highest-quality and most thorough Facebook ads training you can find.

~ All materials are kept up to date (huge plus in a fast-changing environment).~ If you’d like to add 1:1 coaching to keep you on track, or answer questions specific to your business, you can book Jo McKee whenever you need to on a per-session basis.

What’s included in ADVisory’s Facebook ads course

ADVisory is the best value high-quality Facebook ads course available online. Find out more here and get access now!

Module 1: Getting started for successful Facebook ads

  • Avoid the wasted time and money that too many businesses experience because they skipped the foundations to profitable ads
  • Discover how to set realistic expectations for your ad budget and your revenue goals. The beauty of this is that it allows you to make decisions on the data and not your emotions … and that is what allows you to stay consistent with your marketing.
Find out what you need in place before you run Facebook ads with ADVisory at just $297 for 12 months' access!

Module 2: The cornerstones of Facebook ads

  • There are “must have” assets you need in place before you run Facebook (Meta) ads, and the one big temptation you must not give in to.
  • Find out how to set up your Pixel and install it properly so that you can bring leads for the best possible price.
  • Learn how ad blockers, privacy policies and Apple’s App Tracking Transparency changed the digital marketing landscape and find out what to do in this new advertising environment.
Find out how to make Facebook ads that convert with ADVisory Facebook Ads Course.

Module 3: Creating ads that convert

  • There are 5 elements each ad requires so that you can “stop the scroll” and bring your ideal client into your sphere of influence.
  • Discover the secrets of writing ad copy. You’ll learn how to write like a pro, and access the template + frameworks to enter the conversation with your ideal client at exactly the right time.

This is how you build affinity and trust in your niche.

Get proven ad strategies with ADVisory Facebook ads course.

Module 4: Proven ad strategies

  • Jody shares the same ad strategies and frameworks used in campaigns with 7+ figures in ad spend. You will love the relief that you experience once the guesswork is eliminated.
  • Get the workbooks, checklists and strategies for Lead Generation, Webinars, Applications, Two-step Funnels and Low Ticket Offers.
  • Calculate ad spend with confidence and know how to anticipate results, with Jody’s Ad Campaign Calculators.
Launch your ads with confidence by using the ADVisory Facebook ads course.

Module 5: Time to launch your ads!

  • Too many people choose the wrong campaigns for their ads … and they think that if they listen to Facebook it *must* be right! Don’t make this mistake. Learn how to select the right objective for your goals, so that you get the results you want.
  • Feel the confidence when launching your ads, because you know that every single element you need is in the right place. Watch as your ads begin to draw your ideal clients in and convert them to the next step in your funnel.
Learn how to make decisions on your Facebook ad data with ADVisory Facebook ads course.

Module 6: Data driven decisions

  • Split testing: find out the reality that nobody talks about (even Facebook). 
  • Learn how to quickly identify what needs improvement by looking at the data. The problem may not be your ads!
  • Find out how to tell which ads are the winners, and how to increase the volume of your sales fast with the A4 Method.

Buy ADVisory: Facebook ads course – the most accessible way to level up your business, risk-free.

Register now for ADVisory, and do let us know how you go. We LOVE to hear the stories from business owners who are succeeding!

Buy ADVisory Facebook Ads course 100% risk free. Try for 14 days.

ADVisory is 100% risk-free. If you feel like you don’t get 10X the value, you can email Jody within 14 days for a full refund.

Just $297 for 12 months’ access

Polina found great value in ADVisory Facebook ads course. Try risk-free for 14 days.

“Thank you Jody for all you have invested in the course. So much value, very robust techniques and strategies yet easy to understand and apply. The format of the course is very easy to digest with short videos which makes it enjoyable to watch.”
– Polina

“ADVisory is an incredible Facebook ad training! I have been seriously blown away by how comprehensive the content is compared to other courses I have enrolled in. I wish I had this style and quality of content when I was just starting out; it would have answered my questions a lot more quickly and clearly.”

– Talia Browne

ADVisory Facebook ads course FAQs

Questions? Just click through here and scroll down to the FAQs section on the ADVisory page.

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