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How the Asylum Seekers Centre was able to exceed their fundraising goal by 23% while reducing their cost per acquisition by 39%



The brief

To help ASC set up an efficient campaign for the 2022 Tax Appeal on Facebook, and to test the campaign on LinkedIn to see what magic we could make there.


The challenge

Reduce cost per acquisition as much as possible, so that the ASC can put every dollar to work in supporting their employment team, as they help people seeking asylum to find employment.

In the first case study on our site (which you can get all the juicy deets on here) our task was to help ASC track the cost per donation on Facebook. We did that, with the initial cost per acquisition from the 2021 Christmas Appeal recorded at $88.93. 

For us, this was still a little high (despite the 4.41X ROAS and 103 new donors this brought in!). We wanted to reduce this cost per acquisition and branch out to a different medium to give them the exposure they deserved and see what magic we could make there. 

We also knew we needed to enhance our Facebook campaign and do everything we could to test new ads, new campaigns and find the optimum audiences so they could continue to monitor patterns and reduce their CPA.

And the results we saw were beyond anything we’d expected.


How we did it

We got to work learning the ins and outs of LinkedIn campaigns and took a good hard look at our best-performing ad copy.

Sure, we know our stuff when it comes to campaigns and we’ve heard a lot about LinkedIn campaigns, however we’d only run a couple of campaigns there before. But we made it work. (Despite the fact that the tracking on their unique thank you pages for each donor that ran on their other website still needs a little troubleshooting…)

But we also focused on narrowing down our Facebook campaigns to find the perfect set up for them.


The results

We successfully reduced the cost per acquisition significantly to $59.78 - that’s a 39% decrease! Furthermore, at an average donation of $335, this year’s cost per donation on Facebook shows a return on ad spend of 6.2X!

(And there we were pleased with 4.41X last year…)

Better yet? We exceeded their fundraising goal by 23%. Which isn’t just a win to us in terms of client success, but pretty nice to know we’re contributing to positive change in the world. 

It’s the kind of impact we love to make and, considering we took last year as such a win, we can’t believe this year’s Tax Appeal has had such an impressive level of growth.

Best performing ad:

Now, the ASC’s task will be to observe patterns between specific appeals at different times of the year, so that they can continue to reduce that cost per acquisition. For example, the ‘hard deadline’ of the end of the financial year, and the strong incentive for business to give, might be more urgent than the call to action on the Christmas Appeal. 

Moreso, by scaling more slowly, either ‘vertically’ – by increasing budget by no more than 20%/day via the one campaign – or ‘horizontally’ – via different segments, each with a portion of the budget – they’ll be able to further reduce this CPA in future. 

In the end, the 2022 Tax Appeal was a major success and we are so proud to have expanded their awareness and increased donations for their incredible mission.


The work of the Asylum Seekers Centre’s Employment team

Learn more about their work by visiting the Asylum Seekers Centre here. Particularly, learn more about the work the Employment Team is doing at the Asylum Seekers Centre through Andrew’s story, and Jeff’s account of a day in his work at the Asylum Seekers Centre.


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