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How McKee Creative helped to grow Chelsey Jean’s business by 680% within three months

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The Challenge

We nearly didn’t take this one on …

What agency that’s learned to be a little skittish about Facebook’s random ad account shutdowns would, when Chelsey’s Facebook Group is called BooB CamP

And her personal ad account had been shut down too …

Chelsey Jean is a visionary, which means she has a tonne of ideas and isn’t afraid to implement them all at once. She’s a risk taker with a huge heart and a “of course we can do it” mindset. We love that about her, and we love that her unique lymphatic massage sequence is making a difference for thousands of women across Australia and the world.

So, how could we say no? 😉


How we did it

We looked into Chelsey’s customer base, noting the straight-down-the-line way they talk about their health challenges and loving the way they cheer each other on in BooB CamP. 

We set up a shiny new ad account for the ecommerce campaigns with a fresh pixel, and a three-stage funnel built out. 

We built lookalike audiences from Chelsey’s email base so that we could tell Facebook’s algorithm to “go find more people like this”, and also tested a range of interest-based targeting.

And we set up a robust email marketing campaign to retrieve abandoned carts, build anticipation before BooB CamP live training nights, and get the word out re Chelsey’s LymFATics Alive training for holistic health practitioners. (If your email marketing isn’t pulling 15%-20% … or even 30% of your revenue, talk to us!)

On October 13 we launched our ecomm campaigns for Chelsey, while monitoring and refreshing her lead generation ad that invites people to join BooB CamP. In October her revenue was around $15k, with her biggest month ever having been around $20k.


The results

When we took Chelsey Jean’s range to a new audience, they loved the products. They joined BooB CamP … They brought their friends …
The revenue climbed.

January 2021? $102,396.42, with a return on ad spend of 5.54.

That’s a growth rate of 6.8 x in just three months.

Now, we could leave this all fairy-dust-only as most agencies do, and not talk about the challenges.

But we prefer to keep it real.

In early March the ad account was shut down a few times within a week, and on each occasion Facebook’s representatives sent apologies, confirming they were “false flag” shutdowns.

Apologies are nice, but they don’t recoup the revenue lost on those days.
The account is picking up, and to help protect sales in the long term we allocated a portion of the ad spend to Google Shopping.

Google’s a slower channel to pick up momentum so that’s going to take some patience (which neither us or Chelsey are strong on) but it’s building nicely.

We’re also building up Chelsey’s YouTube channel in preparation for running ads there, and talking to influencers so that we can branch out into the US.

Underneath everything, as we insist on doing for each of our Agency clients, we build SEO so that organic sales numbers continue to climb.
We’re also working to implement Messenger Marketing, thanks to Rutger Thole’s Bots 4 Ecomm package.

Foundr picked up the news of Chelsey’s success, featuring her on their podcast in March – you can listen to that here.

And if you’re ready to “pop the cork” and learn how to make health fun, visit chelseyjean.com now!

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