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How Conscious Calendar Co sold more than half their 2022 calendars by mid-October 2021

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The challenge

While their products embody an incredibly cool and unique concept, it’s not easy to convey exactly what they are to an audience. That is, until they came on board with our All-in-one Business Marketing kit.

Conscious Calendar Co is an ecom store selling beautiful advent calendars filled with crystals, jewellery and even seeds (among other conscious gifts). But, as we often find, when an online product isn’t easily recognisable in the first few seconds, it’s always harder to sell. We needed to find a way to quickly explain the concept clearly and simply to the right audience. 

When they came to us, they didn’t have much in the way of ad copy or creative, nor had they gained much traction with Facebook ads. They weren’t ready to commit to working with a marketing agency long term, so they signed up to our All-in-one Business Marketing Kit to get them started.


How we did it

Plenty of testing. We tested different copy angles and lengths, creative formats, audiences and landing pages. We didn’t stop until we found the sweet spot.

The winning combo? A two-minute video from the founder, Sarah, walking through exactly how the advent calendars work, who the artists are and what goodies you’ll find for each month, paired with long-form explanatory copy, linking straight to the product page.

We tested these ads in broad, lookalike and interest bundle audiences, with interest bundles proving a clear winner. 


The results

  • A 3.35X return on ad spend for the month of September at top of funnel as reported in the Facebook ad account (we estimate it to be a lot higher given the iOS updates – when compared with overall revenue for the month, the blended return is 7.8 x return on ad spend).
  •  A 138% increase in revenue on the previous year and 114% increase in orders (156 for the month of September).

    By mid-October, Conscious Calendar Co had sold out of half their 2022 calendars. That’s before the mayhem of BFCM and Christmas shopping, mind you.

    Watch this space – visit Conscious Calendar Co here.

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