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How we reduced lead costs by 61% and increased lead conversion rates for Easy Exercising

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The Challenge

“They say” that if something ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But we say “work to beat the control”.

Our long-term clients, Easy Exercising, had always had a bit of a problem with Facebook’s algorithm not liking their website.

Because, you see, Andrea and Jessica, owners of Easy Exercising, make some strong guarantees. Which they stand behind.

But Facebook’s system runs on the “you can’t possibly say that” angle.
So instead of sending traffic to their site, we’ve always used lead forms.
It’s worked a treat.

With an average cost per request for a call at, for example, $16.55 through the month of February 2021 and a conversion-to-free-trial rate of 17%, it has been viable when measured in terms of the customer’s lifetime value.
But we found a particular problem cropping up recently …

Facebook’s lead form setup is so simple, that some of the prospective clients either didn’t value the opportunity for a free trial when it came to following through, or simply didn’t remember filling out the form (even when it was set to the step that has users check their details).

Easy Exercising serves a mostly-senior community, so we had to bear in mind that forgetfulness was going to be par for the course.


How we did it

We wondered whether a Messenger format, that involved more interaction in the flow, would help people remember they’d signed up.

So we built a simple flow.

It used all the same questions as the lead form had, but took users through a step-by-step process.


The results

Even we were astonished.

Cost per lead dropped 61% to an average of $6.42 each.

And the quality of leads improved. 

The conversion rate jumped from 17% to 26%.

Needless to say we’re impressed, and we’re setting this up on other client accounts.

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