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The Power of Influencer Marketing: an Astounding 12.3X Sales Increase in a Week

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The challenge

The Challenge

Cienna Designs came on board with us and wanted to expand from selling exclusively wholesale to marketing their online store directly to customers.

When they came on board with us, they were only doing $4k a week with a website that needed a facelift. Their messaging and USPs needed refining and we had to start from scratch when it came to finding their audience.

And the thing with Cienna’s audience (Australian women, 40+, boho fashion lovers) is they tend to already have a collection of go-to brands and don’t like to risk buying clothes online from new stores because they don’t trust the fit and quality. The models in Cienna’s product images weren’t exactly representative of this audience either, so this was something we needed to work around quickly. 


How we did it

We needed to do things a little differently. For this audience, still images and carousel ads were not going to cut it, not even with scroll-stopping copy. 

These are the type of women who value word of mouth above all else, especially when it comes from someone like them. That’s where influencer marketing came in.

Choosing the right influencer for your audience is crucial. For Cienna, @letmetrybeforeyoubuy aka Natalie Angel was the perfect choice. She’s down-to-earth, approachable and fit right into Cienna’s audience persona. 

She filmed a video of herself trying on and styling Cienna’s gorgeous boho clothes and described the feel, fit and look to her viewers. 
We went ahead and turned Natalie’s video into ads and the rest is history…


The results

$52,633 worth of sales in 7 short days.

Upwards of 300 new people in the store’s database who we’ve set up a beautiful nurture campaign for.

Cienna has a group of loyal fans, not people we’re begging for attention. People who saw how beautiful each piece looked on Natalie (a woman they identify with) and hit “buy now” right away. 

These women will become loyal customers for years to come, purchasing new releases and recommending Cienna to their friends. 

Watch this space – visit Cienna Designs here.

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