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How It’s Jean Riley achieved a 412% return through Facebook and Instagram campaigns

Increase in Purchases


The Challenge

This exquisite range of jewellery made in Brisbane was reasonably new to the market, and particularly new to a structured campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

The client had been posting on Instagram and seeing moderate growth, but knew a clear strategy was required.


How we did it

We launched with ‘The Friendly Grocer’ collection and instigated Rapid-Fire testing to establish baselines for a competitive Add to Cart cost.

This allows us to tell within hours which ad sets are performing well, and which should be swapped out for another test. Continuing to split test with a blend of creative formats, we compared lookalike and interest-based audiences, then retargeted with dynamic product ads. These ads show the prospective customer the exact product they had been browsing on the website, with the copy including a specific call to action for that item.
A two-layer campaign proved sufficient to begin to scale the ad spend.


Current services we offer

  • Facebook ads
  • Messenger Marketing campaigns
  • Email marketing management


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