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After being forced to cancel retreat after retreat at the hands of COVID, Live in Flow needed to make a comeback in 2021 and, with the help of McKee Creative, they most certainly did.

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The Challenge

Live in Flow’s business success almost depended on hosting live meditation retreats and workshops, so you can imagine they took quite a hit in 2020 when they had to cancel events left, right and centre. 

The Live in Flow team are beyond exceptional. Their vast experience and unique skills allow them to create space for their community to heal traumas, find clarity about their purpose in life, and trust the process. 

But COVID completely stunted expansion and growth, at least until 2021. Rather than becoming tight with their funds and restricting spending in an attempt to counter the loss, they decided to take a leaf from their own book and trust that everything would work out as long as they didn’t let fear hold them back. 

They joined forces with McKee Creative and, together, we came up with new strategies so business wouldn’t be so volatile when Australia went into lockdown.


How we did it

Live in Flow’s mission is to bring the transformative benefits of meditation & sound healing to as many people as possible. 

And while sharing their work had largely been reliant on hosting in-person events, they did have an online membership and various online programs established when they came to us. 

The first thing we did was home in on their messaging. It’s so important to get clear on who you are and what you have on offer before you can do anything else. We dug deep into pain points (taking a gentle approach, as always) and got specific on all the incredible benefits. 

Ideally, it’s best for people to start Live in Flow’s work by coming along to a retreat or half-day workshop, before signing up for an online program or virtual group coaching. But we couldn’t risk depending on that as the only customer journey. So while we ran paid Facebook ads to the live events, we simultaneously ran traffic to blogs we’d written for them to establish authority and grow their email list exponentially.

With the email list getting longer by the day, we incorporated the new messaging into email campaigns and encouraged email subscribers to join the online monthly membership, live meditation events and virtual programs.


The results

In the month of June 2021 alone: 6.7 x return on ad spend, 240 purchases overall & total sales up 4,519% on June 2020. Not to mention people all over the world moving closer to living authentically and with an abundance of joy.

Even as COVID continues to send parts of Australia into lockdown, the future of Live in Flow is looking bright and we can’t wait to continue to support them as they take things to the next level.
Watch this space – visit Live in Flow here.

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