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Complete Digital Marketing Solutions

Complete digital marketing solutions

Real data showing how our clients grow revenue and spread risk via our all-in-one marketing systems.

In today’s competitive digital landscape, small business owners need comprehensive marketing solutions that can elevate their brand, boost visibility, and drive customer engagement. However most SMEs don’t have the in-house resources of people or skills to do a truly effective job, consistently. And when platforms break or the rules change, many brands get completely stuck.

Jo McKee’s previous business experience means she “gets it”. It’s so important to manage marketing budgets and fees responsibility, to bring the best possible outcome for small- to medium-sized businesses. It’s this experience that led McKee Creative’s team to develop the Retail Therapy marketing package, bringing the strengths of professional and effective marketing within reach of everyday business owners.

This all-in-one solution combines the power of search engine optimization (SEO), weekly blog publishing, email marketing, social media advertising (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok), Google Ads, and daily organic posts. By synergizing these five facets, McKee Creative’s Retail Therapy package empowers business owners to build an unbreakable marketing system while effectively managing risk.

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What does a complete digital marketing solution look like, in terms of real numbers?

The reason we built our all-in-one packages is twofold:

  1. We recognise the need to help SMEs manage risk. Even when ad budgets are small, putting everything into one basket leaves businesses stuck when (not if) they hit a hurdle on their ad platform. Sometimes the hurdles can be fixed fast; other times brands are left out in the cold for weeks, or even permanently. When sales are coming from other sources the hit isn’t quite so hard, and ad budgets can be dialed up elsewhere, fast.
  1. It just doesn’t make sense to pay to bring customers to your site if you’re not following up for repeat sales via email, or if they’re bouncing because your site doesn’t provide a good, fast user experience. A holistic approach means every facet must earn its keep.

Enough talk. Here’s a concrete example from the past 28 days’ data for one of Sarah’s brands, so you can see the real-world numbers.

actual sales data by channel 28 days

Too many businesses that sell online would be crippled if one of their paid ad platforms hits a roadblock.

In this brand’s case, 18.01% of the revenue came from Facebook/Instagram paid campaigns, and 17.7% came from Google Ads. Because we look after all of it, we can quickly dial the ad spend up or down on a platform, if another platform falters.

And returns per platform are healthy.

Facebook/Instagram Top of Funnel: 4.98 x return on investment

Facebook/Instagram Retargeting: 4.12 x return on investment

Google Ads: 3.6 x return on investment.

Side note: when we share these returns with Sarah and ask if she’d like to increase the ad spend to further grow sales volume, she replies with “No, we’re busy enough … just keep it steady!”

We’ve been working with Sarah’s 2 brands for about 18 months, including publishing blog posts weekly. It’s a rhythm that is effective as a long term strategy, building the volume of impressions.

What does a complete digital marketing package include?

It’s really important to be clear about what your agency provides.

Here is an outline of each facet of our Retail Therapy Marketing Package, so that you can see how everything works together to build an unbreakable marketing system.

SEO (On-Page and Technical)

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When people visit your site, they need it to load fast and be free of errors. They need to be able to find relevant information without clicking through too many stages. And they need to understand, very easily, what is their “next step”.

Our Search engine optimization is the foundation of every digital marketing campaign we run for clients, because we recognize that it’s nuts to pay money for traffic, and then not make the most of every site visitor’s potential.

This is why McKee Creative’s all-in-one marketing packages include both on-page and technical SEO. 

On-page SEO optimizes the website’s content, ensuring it aligns with targeted keywords and enhances search engine visibility. Technical SEO focuses on website architecture, site speed, mobile optimization, and other technical aspects that impact search engine rankings.

By implementing a robust SEO strategy and having us liaise with your website developer to make the technical changes required, you can attract organic traffic, improve your brand’s online presence, and achieve higher rankings on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Weekly Blog Publishing

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Consistently producing high-quality, helpful content is vital for engaging customers and establishing thought leadership. It also tells search engines that your brand is an authority on a topic, which means search engines are more likely to send visitors to your site.

McKee Creative’s Retail Therapy package includes weekly blog publishing, providing businesses with a platform to showcase their expertise, share valuable insights, and connect with their target audience. Well-written blogs drive organic traffic to the website, enhance SEO efforts, and position the business as an industry authority.

By regularly sharing informative and engaging content, small business owners can foster trust, build brand loyalty, and increase conversions.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains a powerful tool for nurturing customer relationships and driving repeat business, because instead of only “directing traffic” via paid platforms, you “own” your email list.

McKee Creative’s all-in-one marketing packages leverage targeted email campaigns to reach customers directly, promoting new products, exclusive offers, and personalized recommendations. Through carefully crafted email automation, businesses can deliver tailored content to segmented customer groups, ensuring higher open and click-through rates. Effective email marketing helps small business owners stay connected with their audience, foster brand loyalty, and drive conversions.

Our team builds and optimizes your automated email marketing flows, and sends highly-relevant campaigns to your lists. 

Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok)

we find the right blend of platforms for your campaigns

Most business owners understand that “If you’re not on social, your business is missing out”.

McKee Creative’s Retail Therapy package includes advertising via paid social media advertising – we choose the platforms that best suit each client’s audience. It’s far easier to meet people where they are, instead of trying to change people’s behavior.

Whether it’s Facebook/Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest or TikTok, we’re able to target ideal customers for each client’s brand. And we don’t mess about – take a look at what we did to improve results by a massive 45% in the first month for this client!

The Retail Therapy package includes up to 3 paid marketing platforms, so you can alter to suit – for instance, you may prefer to swap Tik Tok out for Twitter or LinkedIn.

Google Ads

With Google Ads, small businesses can tap into the vast potential of search engine advertising, scooping up customers right when they are ready to buy. McKee Creative’s Retail Therapy package includes expertly managed Google Ads campaigns to bring customers in right when they’re ready to buy.

Through careful keyword research, ad creation, and bidding strategies, we make sure our clients’ ads appear prominently on relevant search results. Google Ads enables businesses to target specific geographic locations, refine their targeting, and track performance metrics, allowing for better optimization and return on investment (ROI).

google ads for your brand mckee creative

Daily organic posts

Daily organic posts ensure a consistent online presence, nurturing engagement and brand loyalty across various digital platforms. We have found that engaging organic content helps reduce the cost per lead and cost per sale in our clients’ paid social campaigns. It’s also a really nice way for brands to stay in touch with their customers in “real time”, responding to events and bringing the brand’s personality into the spotlight.

post daily organic content for your brand mckee creative

Amplifying the impact of SMEs’ marketing budgets

The interconnected nature of the Retail Therapy package is what amplifies its impact. Each facet supports and complements the others, creating a powerful feedback loop that maximizes results. 

For example, the SEO efforts implemented through on-page optimization and technical enhancements work hand in hand with weekly blog publishing. As blogs are published, they incorporate targeted keywords and improve the website’s search engine visibility, ultimately driving organic traffic and enhancing SEO performance.

Those blogs are then pushed out to email lists, on social posts and in retargeting ads – for instance, we often see extremely healthy returns on ad spend when we run a blog post to email, and at the middle of funnel on Facebook and Instagram.

A complete (and reliable) digital marketing solution for SMEs

McKee Creative’s Retail Therapy package offers small business owners a complete digital marketing solution to fuel their business growth. By integrating the five facets of SEO, weekly blog publishing, email marketing, social media advertising & Google Ads, and daily organic posts, businesses can enjoy an unbreakable marketing system that drives growth and mitigates risk.

Thes all-in-one packages allow entrepreneurs to focus on their core business while harnessing the expertise of McKee Creative’s marketing professionals. Tapping into the experience of our team is far more cost-effective than hiring and managing people in-house.

An all-in-one marketing package with a guarantee

Not many agencies offer a guarantee, and it’s no wonder, when the platforms we work with can be so cantankerous.

But we do guarantee the quality of our work. It’s a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee – take a look here.