At McKee Creative, we include the foundations of digital marketing campaign copy in our packages for our monthly retainer clients: ad copy, email sequences, landing page copy.

But even if you’re not a long-term client, you can still access our skills via Your Ads on Demand. Just head on over, fill out your order and we’ll have your copy to you within 48 hours.

Why hire McKee Creative to write your copy?


There are four reasons why we do such a great job …

(a) we’re familiar with the KPIs of conversion rates for each format. For instance, we know an ad needs a minimum 1% Link Click Through Rate, that a landing page should convert at a minimum 20% for lead generation, and that anything less than a 20% open rate for emails is, well, cause to rewrite and test another.

(b) we pay attention to your target audience (and the problem you solve for them), and talk their language.

(c) our team members have experience in a broad range of industries, and read widely. So when we’re not writing copy we’re kind of squirreling away ideas and notes, collated from an eclectic list of sources. It’s fun to see what word, phrase or idea from even an unrelated niche can springboard a whole angle for a blog post!

(d) we understand the structure of SEO, so when we write your blog posts, landing page copy and product descriptions we’re going to make sure the most relevant keywords are used in the right place.

That is way beyond anything [I imagined]. I seriously have tears in my eyes! It’s amazing! Thank you!”
Jody M

Outsourced copywriting to Jo McKee, what a gem! FB approved my ads first time with her copy … always a win! Highly recommend McKee Creative for copywriting.”
Olivia Hamilton

“OMG this copy is ridiculous! You’ve actually brought the vision to life for what we can do once the site is live. The CTA page is incredible! Thank you so much!!!!”
Jamie K