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McKee Creative: the experienced digital marketing agency for Ecommerce

The experienced digital marketing agency for ecommerce

If you’re on the hunt for a digital marketing agency for your ecommerce business, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the options. So to save you time, here’s the summary on what sets McKee Creative apart.

1. A holistic approach, powered by experience

The agency was founded by Jo McKee, who boasts an impressive background in telecommunications, international film distribution, marine tourism, writing, and editing. Since 2017, she’s been using her diverse skill set to break the typical “agency mindset” and foster a holistic approach to digital marketing so that clients’ resources are used to their full potential. 

This strategy eliminates the resources usually wasted in getting products to market and instead creates a comprehensive, efficient process that drives sales and growth.

2. Proven track record

McKee Creative isn’t just about promises; they have a proven track record of driving tangible growth for small businesses. Take the case of Chelsey Jean, whose revenue soared from $80k per year to over $100k per month within three months of partnering with McKee Creative. Or Cienna Designs, who gained an extra $100k in their first month with us (and that’s just from the email part of our work, not including the gains from paid ads!), or Easy Exercising, which continued to open new clinics even through the months of lockdowns.

“I will say this much – I’ve been in the online space for twelve years now, which feels like a long time. And I’ve seen it all, I’ve worked with many agencies and I understand what is actually required from the start to the end.

“And since working with Jo and the team … it’s been the best experience in my twelve years.” – Guy Lawrence, founder of 180 Nutrition and Live in Flow.

Guy Lawrence said that hiring McKee Creative to work on his business was the best experience he's had in the online space in 12 years.

3. Full-service marketing system

McKee Creative provides a full-service system that includes funnel build and SEO, paid marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google, plus email marketing and content creation. Their clients appreciate the convenience of not having to worry about the moving parts of a complex digital strategy. McKee Creative handles it all, delivering profitable and cost-effective outcomes.

“I love that you take care of it all!” – Sarah Griffin

Sarah Griffin shares her feedback on hiring McKee Creative to take care of the digital marketing for both of her ecommerce brands.

4. Broad industry experience

With experience in both lead generation and ecommerce, McKee Creative has worked in a wide variety of industries, from debt consolidation, business, law, and finance through to health, fashion, tourism, SaaS, entertainment (film), and communications.

5. All-in-one marketing packages for peace of mind.

Imagine only having to say “Hey, here’s the footage from our latest photoshoot” and having your agency take it from there, rolling it out to:

~ blogs
~ paid ads on up to three channels
~ organic ads
~ email marketing

… you’ve found it!

The Retail Therapy package is like therapy for your brand’s marketing – fixing bottlenecks, diversifying risk, and letting you get back to running your business.

No other agency offers this money-back guarantee for ecommerce marketing!

Australian Brands, subscribe here: https://www.mckeecreative.store/aus/packages

International Brands, subscribe here: https://www.mckeecreative.store/us/packages

If you would like to talk through the best option for your brand, book a call with Jo McKee here: https://go.oncehub.com/JoanneMcKee