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Email marketing with klaviyo (includes real data)

Email marketing with Klaviyo

All too often we meet ecommerce business owners who have a klaviyo account set up, and maybe have an abandoned cart email running, but they do not have a proper system built and are not making money. In this article we’ll show you the exact klaviyo email marketing strategy we use, including automations we build in klaviyo for every ecommerce client, and share tips on how to create effective email marketing campaigns. We’ll also show you the exact revenue you can create via flows and campaigns in klaviyo!

When looking for an email marketing agency, check that they are trained and understand how to maximise automations, campaigns and deliverability. These stats are from McKee Creative's own Klaviyo Partner Dashboard.

klaviyo email marketing for Shopify

While we like to use both ActiveCampaign and klaviyo for Shopify email marketing, we know many startup ecommerce brands choose klaviyo because the cost to enter is lower. And the results we generate via klaviyo are incredibly effective. As an example, check out Sarah Griffin’s extra $52,633 in 7 days via klaviyo here.

But first, the klaviyo definitions


Email marketing campaigns are messages that are scheduled for specific days/times. Topics can include seasonal sales, reaching out to learn more about the customers, celebrating milestones, product updates, industry news, or entertaining anecdotes. The purpose of campaigns – besides the obvious one of getting customers to buy, and buy again – is to keep your brand top of mind. That way, when customers are ready to buy, they will visit your site.

Keep in mind that it’s a relationship you’re building. You don’t want to hammer people with the “sell, sell, sell” attitude. By remembering that you’re speaking to human beings, you’ll build strong brand loyalty. 

For example? Once we sent an email to Chelsey Jean’s contacts, in the middle of the leadup to Chelsey’s “Boob Camp” with a subject line that simply read “Lazy Sundays …” and with a message reminding them how fabulous they are. There was no product link in the message, no call to buy. Yet that email generated over $600 in sales, just as a neat extra.


In klaviyo, the “always on” messages that are based on the actions of your contacts are called Flows. 

The principle is that you have sales action running 24/7 that is highly tuned to the specific needs of each contact. Segmenting your messages according to contact demographics, interests and behaviours is where the magic lies for increased revenue.

The specific flows we build in klaviyo for each client, to bring out the best in their email marketing:
  • Pre-purchase Nurture Sequence
  • Post-purchase Nurture Sequence
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Site Abandonment
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Customer Winback
  • Repeat Purchase Nurture Series – Order Count Split (based on predictive data)

For free sample email sequence templates, read Email Marketing Explained.

Why it is important to build both flows and campaigns

Money talks, right? So here are two examples to help you see the value of flows and campaigns in terms of revenue from your email marketing.

Here is one of our smaller clients’ results for 30 days. You can see that flows brought 16% of their monthly revenue, while the campaigns returned 19% of their overall revenue.

When you see the revenue generated from email flows and campaigns in Klaviyo you will appreciate the value of doing both.

Below is another example of past 30 days’ revenue, from a client that at the time of writing is in their second month with us. The growth from campaigns will increase now that we have a weekly rhythm in place of sending those out.

In the past 30 days the flows returned 7% of the client’s overall revenue ($12,225) and the campaigns returned 10% ($18,543), making a total of 17% extra revenue in 30 days. Before the client came to us, they had only one short abandoned cart flow and were not sending weekly campaigns … think of the revenue they were missing in previous months!

This new client (just a few weeks in) now has a full set of email flows built out and we have started sending weekly campaigns. They have an extra 17% revenue (and growing) since they engaged McKee Creative as their Australian Klaviyo marketing agency.

klaviyo email marketing agency

For years now we have strongly encouraged our clients to stop relying on paid ads only, and to build out robust email marketing in tandem. In fact, we have developed a full VIP package that includes SEO, content marketing, email marketing and paid campaigns for the ultimate power-up.

But, sticking particularly for now to klaviyo email marketing for Shopify: as a business owner you pay for every single potential customer through your paid ad campaigns, whether it’s the cost of acquiring that first sale, or having prospects opt in for an email list.

If you don’t nurture your contacts to purchase again, and increase that lifetime value, you are not using your paid ad budget most effectively. And we had to break it to you, but the built-in abandoned cart feature in Shopify ain’t gonna cut it 😉

To get free access for examples on how to build out the right flows for your Shopify store (worth $900), click through here for templates.

If you’d like McKee Creative’s team to manage your email marketing campaigns, you are welcome to schedule a call with Jo McKee to get started.

We are experienced in email marketing for Shopify stores based in Australia and the United States.