Facebook™ Ad Campaigns

Testing, measurement and analysis at each touchpoint

Campaign Strategy

Each strategy attends to ‘top of funnel’, ‘middle of funnel’, ‘bottom of funnel’ + integration with your preferred Customer Relationship Management system for email targeting.

The format of the campaign will be created in a manner appropriate to your audience. For instance, some people love the ‘cool factor’ of bots, while others wonder why they’re being targeted in their Messenger app. It’s simply a matter of speaking in the language your audience will relate best to!


In line with your campaign budget we split test ad creative at the beginning of the campaign and run with the most effective. Fresh creative is uploaded as required to prevent ad fatigue, with split testing an integral part of the ongoing process.

We track data daily and report to you weekly. In addition to the pixel data, we use third-party platforms such as your Google Analytics as a ‘check and balance’ function. The more granular we can get, the better results we can achieve for you.

User Experience

If the data shows parts of the sales flow needs to be strengthened, we’ll make recommendations on how to improve that.

For instance, we might find your site shows a higher-than-usual number of people reaching the ‘Add to Cart’ point and not checking out. Retargeting these customers is matter-of-course; however in addition there might be an element in the layout of the website that can be improved to help users check out more easily.