Facebook and Instagram Ads

When you use Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns, you reach potential customers right where they are – scrolling through their social media feed.


That time when you were scrolling, saw an ad and thought “How did they know I want that?” … we make those.


And those times when you see an ad that’s right up your alley, for something you’d never realised you wanted, but then couldn’t stop thinking about, and with it dropping back in to show you the exact product you checked out? Yeah … we make those, too.


Why use Facebook and Instagram Ad Campaigns?

Social media is perfect for finding customers who might not yet know they want your product or service. The time people spend on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites is more than most of us want to admit, and when we create ads that are entertaining and hit right on the desire of your prospective customers, we get their attention. From there, we implement retargeting with the right message to meet the buyer at the right time in their customer journey.


What does it cost for a well-built Facebook/Instagram campaign, and what is included?

Our fees start at $3500/month (exc GST where applicable) and include:

* targeting/audience research – who you do NOT want to attract is just as important as who you do

* review of your website to ensure it’s “traffic ready” in terms of structure and compliance

* campaign plan

* ensuring all tracking is correctly set up, including creating a product catalog for ecommerce clients, if that’s not already in place (we use this for dynamic product advertising, that retargets people with the exact product they were looking at on your site)

* ensure leads/sales are integrated with your email system (CRM)

* ensure email nurturing is in place for prospects and customers

* ad copy and creative (we include light image/video editing; on-location video is supplied by our clients)

* campaign set up in your Facebook Business Manager Ad Account

* rapid-fire testing to establish KPIs and return on investment (product-market fit, plus optimal click through rate, cost per link click, funnel conversion)

* full campaign launch – daily optimisation

* weekly updates, including recommendations to improve conversion rates throughout the customer (and repeat customer) journey


What happens when you engage us?


If your ad campaigns are already running, it’s essential that you know your budget is being used well. We’ll run a full audit to look for “leaks” in the funnel, missed opportunities, and to check that the entire flow is perfectly set up.


Then, we raise the stakes by implementing our daily optimisation system to deliver the best possible return on your ad spend.


If you don’t have Facebook/Instagram campaigns running yet we will make sure the preparation is done right to bring the best ROI. 


To look at how our team can throw their collective brain behind YOUR campaign, set up a no-obligation call now!


For an example of results improving once a well-structured campaign is implemented: