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Helping small businesses grow: how I got started in advertising.

Helping small businesses grow: how I got started in advertising

When you’re considering who to trust with your digital marketing, it helps to know a little about who you’re dealing with. 

I grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, and now live in the Whitsundays which is definitely a contender for one of the most beautiful places in the world. Our Brisbane-based digital marketing agency employs a highly-competent team who work remotely in Australia and overseas.

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Here’s my story:

My marine tourism business was smashed completely by a major cyclone in 2017, and my partner and I had to completely start again.

At 45 years old I had zero desire to get a job in either hospitality or tourism in our town and having already rebuilt my life once before, I was worried I didn’t have time or skills to start over.

It would be months before our charter boat would be up and running. For years I had wanted to work online, but didn’t have a clue where to start and didn’t think I had any useful skills.

My brother phoned to let me know he’d sent some money to help with food while we cleaned up after the storm. He said he knew someone who ran Facebook ads. He said he thought I’d be good at it. At the time I barely knew what a Facebook ad was.

Then my partner saw an ad for Cat Howell’s Facebook Ads Academy. 

I figured it would be expensive, but something told me to book a call and find out more.

When I told my partner it was $10,000, he immediately said “If you think this is the right thing, use some of the insurance money and you can cover that once you’re up and running.”

Turns out Cat Howell wasn’t only perfect for teaching me how to run Facebook ads and build an agency.

She also taught me that it’s okay to be yourself and have fun on the way, and connected me with some of the top digital marketers on the planet.

I never looked back. I work with amazing clients in Australia and overseas who choose to stay long term (some more than five years now) and I get to work with more than 80 other agencies that come to me for help with their ads.

And now we do far more than just Facebook ads. In fact, we have developed the 360° digital marketing program that can be run Facebook-free!

Find out how to get the whole shebang:

  • quick wins of paid traffic
  • serious revenue from email marketing
  • plus growing organic sales

when you sign up for the Brand Partnership Program.

Jo McKee loves nothing more than seeing the monthly revenue climb for small businesses. Because behind every small business is a human with a purpose. Jo teaches that digital marketing success comes not from fancy t