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The problem with marketing your business

The problem with marketing your business

“I’m terrified of spending more money on what could be a black hole”

Hear the dilemma, straight from business owners … and discover a way through so that your marketing brings peace of mind instead of stress.

What’s the hardest part about marketing your business?

We think this founder says it best:

🤦‍♀️“As a company 2-3 years into our life, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to find worthwhile marketers that actually generate a return on our investment. I know they exist, but I’m now terrified of spending more money on what could be a black hole.” – ecomm store owner, via reddit

As with many industries, it’s tough finding the right team. 

We’re bombarded with promises.

People seem to have *ahem* “different” ideas regarding what it is to do a job well.

And marketing – digital marketing specifically – is changing & evolving all the time.

Combine that with the challenge of keeping your internal costs down and it’s no wonder business owners feel the pressure.

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We encounter this problem a lot

Naturally, every time a prospective client joins a call, they’re apprehensive, wondering how to tell whether they’re making the right decision to work with us.

Which means it’s increasingly important to work with a marketing team you can trust; people who are at the top of their game, who constantly strive to improve, and who treat your ad spend and their fees as a genuine investment.

The reason trust is important is that in business, every time a problem is solved, another is created. There are always more opportunities, a better way to do something, a more efficient way.

Why is it so hard to choose the right marketing agency?

We grin when we recall how easily the clients who’ve been with us for years came onboard.

One came to us via their business coach, who they had met at the dog park.

Another came to us via a top of funnel ad, and within 3 minutes on the call had signed with us to work on both of her brands.

But it’s a personality thing – they were ready to act right away, and must have felt comfortable enough to go for it.

If your nature’s more circumspect, you’re going to want to spend a bit of time sizing agencies up and comparing what they offer for each price. In contrast to our “do it now” clients, we’ve had others come onboard after being on our email list for 18 months. When the time was right, everything came together.

Remove the fear by asking questions, until you’re satisfied. Until all the confusion is gone. Until you’ve seen enough of an agency’s approach to know they’ll be working with your best interests in mind.

What have we done to solve this problem?

We haven’t always got it right.

There was that time when the founders of a gung-ho, gun-toting, veteran-owned t-shirt brand came onboard. Sure, we were bringing 40 x return on their ad spend in the first week; they signed up four days before Black Friday and we dove right in. But it wasn’t enough, and they weren’t able to cope with Facebook’s policies re weapons … “You can’t use that organic post in an ad” we’d say. “Why the hell not?” they’d ask 😉 Ad shutdowns ensued, and we ended up creating an organic strategy they could run within their Facebook group so that we could send them happily on their way.

But over the years we’ve become a little more relaxed, a little better at allowing the ever-cheeky Universe to bring people to us who just want peace of mind. “See?” says that Universe. “Just do your thing and the tribe will grow.”

Tribe. It feels a bit cliche to use a word like that these days.

But the reality is that a community has grown up around McKee Creative, of business owners who are making a significant impact and who are happy to get on with their day-to-day plans to do that.

They only need to send us a batch from their latest photoshoot so we can get on with our own plans to amplify their reach.

Or they flick a quick email to let us know which products are sold out, and what’s coming down the line.

Their work is supporting their customers, their families, and their suppliers.


So, how can business owners assess a marketing service before they buy in?

Go back to the old-fashioned ways.

Talk to a human.

Get to know how they think – pose a question related to one of your recent challenges and pay attention to how they answer it.

Both parties need to feel that the energy is good so that the working relationship can be strong.

Our longest-lasting client relationships are with founders who say they “love that we take care of it all”. They’ve been with us for years.

Our key? Packages that cover both organic and paid growth, building you a robust marketing flywheel. It means we’re spotting opportunities on one platform, capitalizing on them right away, and amplifying the effect across channels.

It means we’re assessing your ROI every month across channels, and including our fees in that equation.

Now you can experience that peace of mind, with no obligation. Onboarding is smooth; you can cancel anytime.

There’s even a satisfaction guarantee on our Retail Therapy and Economy packages.

Learn more:

Worldwide:  https://www.mckeecreative.store/us/retail-therapy
If you’re based in Australia (for GST): https://www.mckeecreative.store/aus/packages