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Maximizing marketing efficiency

Maximizing marketing efficiency

The all-in-one solution for small and medium-sized businesses

Let’s face it: even when we’re not technically “in a recession” there are enough business owners feeling the pinch to make it feel as though we are. And when things feel tight it’s smart to review costs and make sure every expense is earning its keep. Even Cody Plofker of the highly-successful brand Jones Road Beauty tweeted recently that “it’s a tough period” and shared what he’s doing to keep costs in check. 

It’s not often you’ll hear a marketer talk about their fee as an expense … usually they’re keen to call it an investment on a sales call. Which it is, and yet the numbers need to stack up. The first thing we do with a potential client is check their revenue and margins, because we like our clients to stick around (nobody’s got time to waste onboarding with a team when it doesn’t make sense) and obviously a client is only going to do that as long as they’re getting a return on the cost of their invoice.

At first glance, an all-in-one marketing package might look like it carries a bigger cost. And that’s true if you’re used to comparing it to single services. And then you’ll notice it’s also less expensive, if you’re comparing it to a job done that covers all aspects, ensures all the platforms and API keys and messaging play nicely with each other, and spots opportunities for growth.

Let’s use McKee Creative’s Economy Package as an example:

Value for Money

One of the primary reasons small and medium-sized businesses opt for an all-in-one marketing agency, especially during economically challenging times, is the exceptional value for money. Rather than engaging separate agencies or freelancers for different marketing aspects, an all-in-one agency offers a comprehensive solution bundled into one cost-effective package.

McKee Creative’s Economy Package is a prime example of this, encompassing a solid pack of services at a competitive price of just $7693, including GST.

It’s rare to find an in-house employee who will be able to stay across daily changes in each field: paid social campaigns, email marketing (including dealing with deliverability), publishing quality blog content that can be repurposed into short-form organic while also creating a growing organic traffic volume to your site, and dealing with tech and on-page SEO.

This is exactly what our deliberately-small and highly-skilled team does. We maintain ongoing training, tap into world-class networks of agency colleagues, and keep up with changes as they unfold. 

This brings the added bonus of you not having to scroll your own feed for the latest tactics and tools, because we’ll already be on it and we’ll curate those in the way that best fits your brand. Timesaver? Yes!!

Maximize marketing efficiency with value

Holistic Marketing Strategy

We started out like most agencies, when in 2017 we offered one service only (Facebook/Instagram ads). But it soon became bleedingly obvious that without a site that performs nicely and without email follow up, clients were paying for prospects who, too often, bounced away. So we were offering packages before it was cool, way back when people were saying “don’t hire a generalist … they don’t know what they’re doing.” 

First, Jo insisted on SEO. Then email became the next aspect we marked as mandatory. From there it was natural to be making regular blog posts in the same way niche sites do (the ones making a truckload from displaying ads on their sites, and getting paid per click) … we just flipped it and did it for our clients so that they weren’t displaying ads on their site; instead they were getting the clicks directly to their own products.

Not only does our holistic approach save you time, it makes you money.

For instance, recently Eroll noticed people were searching on the Google Ads campaign for one client for “Flirty floral maxi dresses” … so of course, we flipped that into the headline of the next blog post to boost the site’s SEO. That kind of thing also triggers ideas for the next round of ad copy, and a great subject line for the next email campaign. 

Because each of us work closely with one another (no siloes here!) ideas can be executed within hours, instead of weeks, which can make a big difference in, say, the revenue of your next email campaign.

Paid Social Media Campaigns

Paid social media campaigns are perfect for helping people discover your product. We use the best combo for each brand (we mix and match for each package); for instance we might target on Facebook and retarget on Google. Or if it’s the type of service people want immediately (think “Float spa near me”) Google’s an excellent first layer, and then Facebook et al are perfect for following up and educating on the benefits of the service.

Some of our clients use Facebook and LinkedIn.

Others use Facebook, Google and Tik Tok (our Retail Therapy package includes up to 3 platforms).

The key is the right blend for what it is you’re selling.

Then, it’s about making the best use of the assets your brand has; formatting for each setting and meeting prospects right where they’re at.

How fast can we bring improved results to your paid social campaigns? Take a look at this case study where we reduced costs by 45% in month 1, and a total improvement of 69.5% by the third month.

Email Marketing Excellence

Email marketing excellence with this all-in-one solution

The key with email marketing is using the power of segmentation, thinking about the time it takes for a prospect to become a customer (and then a repeat customer), and setting the message out to flow with that. 

The second crucial element is consistency. People will start to expect your email to drop into their inbox on a certain day, and just by showing up as expected, your brand can reap the financial rewards. 

The work we do for our clients on email looks a little different for every brand we touch, simply because the customer journey is specific to each. 

And having the right campaigns in place can change everything … in just our first month with Cienna Designs, we were able to bring in an extra $100,000 revenue by getting those in place!

The absolutely crucial part of email besides the added revenue on a weekly basis is that you own your list. Too many big names have been hit hard when their social media group or YouTube channel was shut down unexpectedly, and they lost their audiences overnight. Russell Brunson summed this up years ago when he pointed out the difference between traffic you “direct” and traffic you “own”.

Building the email list for your brand gives you:

  1. Revenue you’re missing out on otherwise
  2. Peace of mind re not losing your audience due to an algorithm or policy change
  3. A genuine business asset that’s worth real money (so long as it’s ethically created and your readers are engaged).
  4. An excellent testing ground for new offers
  5. A channel to bring maximum profits during those pricey times of year in paid campaigns – think Black Friday etc.

Content Creation and SEO

For search engines to match your info with prospective customers, your site needs to be (a) set up correctly and (b) a repository of high-quality, authoritative content in your niche. 

Since 2016 we’ve been reformatting content methodically, first for other agencies and then for every one of our clients. For us, starting with a blog post is the most effective as it provides a natural asset for SEO on the site, and can then be “sliced and diced” for ads, posts, email content and as a script for video. Where a brand finds it easier to begin with a video, we can adapt and take that topic to format the post.

As an example, one of our fashion ecommerce clients regularly sends a bunch of products to an influencer, who will do a review in one hit. We post the long-form video. But we also slice it into individual product sections and use those as ad creative, for YouTube, and in blog posts and emails. This way, one promotion can be extended for months (or even longer) … for as long as the products are in stock.

We take a hybrid approach to our blog creation, thinking like the niche site marketers do in terms of RPM (revenue per mille, or thousand visitors to the site) – this helps us gauge not only the volume of traffic each month, but get a feel for the quality of traffic as we experiment with different paid platforms or formats.

SEO: technical and on-page

There’s just no point sending traffic to a site that takes forever to load, or takes too many clicks for a purchase to be completed, or that has poor product descriptions/images, causing a high bounce rate.

We monitor the health of our clients’ sites, optimise meta descriptions, test different landing pages, and improve the product page layouts as needed. Weekly health reports mean we get rid of toxic backlinks, site errors and reduce the warnings.

By consolidating paid marketing, email marketing, blog content creation and SEO under one agency, businesses save valuable time and effort, allowing them to focus on other critical aspects of their operations.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Lastly, McKee Creative’s Economy Package (and the Retail Therapy Package, too) offers an additional layer of assurance through its Satisfaction Guarantee.

We know that one of the biggest hurdles in hiring an agency is the time it takes to get set up.

Once you’ve paid us money, you’re going to want to see some action, pronto. 

So we get your ads live and make sure things are humming within the first week.

And if you find, any time within the first month, that you just don’t like our vibe, we’ll not only give you your money back … we’ll also send you a case of wine for your time.

Our mission is to deliver peace of mind when it comes to marketing your business, which means you can get back to developing new products and building the life and business you dreamed of.

Take a look at our case studies here.

And if you’d like to become a client, you can either choose your package and subscribe right off the page there, or leave your details and book a call here.