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McKee Creative v Megaphone Marketing: how this little digital agency beat Megaphone’s results by 45%

how mckee creative beat megaphone marketing results by 45 per cent

When looking to hire a digital marketing agency it’s quite natural to go for the glossiest storefront, even in a digital world. And we have huge respect for Megaphone Marketing with, at the time of writing, 6 locations in 4 countries. Megaphone’s founder, Maxwell Herten, is a genuinely nice guy whose monthly challenges on YouTube are inspiring. We have a mutual friend in Curt Maly, and Max has a smart mind.

To help you get to know Megaphone, here is one of their ads:

Megaphone Marketing is rated Australia's #1 Digital Marketing Agency. Read this article to find out how McKee Creative improved on Megaphone's results by a whopping 45%.

But it says all’s fair in the cliche, right?

And this past few weeks we’ve been rather pleased …

A client recruited us to run their ad campaigns. When auditing the account we could see that they’d spent time with Megaphone Marketing.

Megaphone Marketing’s ecommerce campaign

Megaphone Marketing was returning an average 3.14 ROAS and average cost per purchase of $119.93 before McKee Creative came onboard.

The team at Megaphone Marketing tested a number of different audiences. The campaigns achieved:

~ an overall 3.14 return on ad spend, and

~ an average cost per purchase of $119.93 (total spend of $2,748.31/23 purchases).

McKee Creative’s ecommerce marketing campaign for the same client

We prefer to keep things simple.

  1. We created a 3-step funnel and simplified audiences with just one interest-based (parents of preschool kids) and one customer lifetime value lookalike audience of 10% affinity.
  2. We created new ad copy and used simple, clean videos and images.
  3. We built out the missing email marketing flows and launched regular weekly campaigns (the first weekly campaign returned $5,350, quite separate to the results above from paid social).

We used the same offer the client had in place before.

Here are the results:

mckee creative digital marketing v megaphone marketing mckee creative results

McKee Creative improved on Megaphone Marketing’s cost per sale for this client by a whopping 45%.

That’s significant, any way you look at it.

We increased the return on ad spend by 2.8x to an average return of 8.78.

Our method is always to take the simplest, most logical route possible so that we can bring the most lucrative returns in the shortest possible time.

How McKee Creative will continue to grow this ecommerce clients’ revenue

This month we’ll be increasing the reach for this brand by:

  1. Launching Google Display ads
  2. Building out profitable Google Search campaigns
  3. Publishing regular blog posts
  4. Optimising the client’s site and YouTube channel for SEO
  5. Testing NDIS audiences as the brand is a registered provider. 
  6. Scaling up the current paid ad campaign spend to the capacity the client’s stock will allow

Measuring results

In addition we have set up Google Analytics 4 after discovering this client still only had a Universal Analytics account. With Google sunsetting the Universal Analytics accounts next year and not retaining the data, it is important for brands to be collecting as much data as possible through GA4, now. 

We’ve linked it to Google Search Console so that we can index new blog posts as soon as they’re published, and monitor search volume.

Get world-class digital marketing results from the agency that serves SMEs

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency that not only holds its own against the “Big Dawgs”, but can significantly improve on their results, apply to become a client of McKee Creative.

Here’s to your success!