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Messenger Marketing that WORKS (examples from three of our clients in very different businesses)

BONUS MATERIAL: Fill-in-the-blank Messenger Template to build your email list (Valued at $500)

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Today I’m going to show you three examples of how Facebook Messenger Campaigns supercharged our clients’ businesses.

Our Chatbot Agency helps you launch chat marketing campaigns that are compelling for businesses improving customer engagement and qualifying leads with a great conversion rate.

Local Business Messenger Marketing Strategies:

How Easy Exercising decided where to open their next clinic using a Facebook Messenger campaign and only $419.92 ad spend.

Easy Exercising uses power-assisted exercise machines to help seniors (and anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable at a gym) improve their mobility, balance, and energy.

We have been running lead generation for Easy Exercising since they began in January 2018. Easy Exercising started with their first two clinics in Brisbane, Australia and were ready to open a third. They had many requests from seniors who love the idea and want it near to where they live. But the team also had trouble finding up-to-date Census data on income for different suburbs, to decide where it was best to go. While they keep their fees low, many clients are on the pension, so Easy Exercising needed a balance of market size + ability to pay. There had certainly been no shortage of requests in their ad comments!

But they were really stuck on what area to pick first, after finding a previous location wasn’t all it had been promised ...

Let social media, with its fabulous user engagement, do its thing! Here is the post that appeared in people’s Facebook news feed:


A flow was activated if they showed interest, keeping ‘dud’ leads out of the system.


The user was then asked to choose which location they’d prefer …


And from there, we asked which details we should use to keep them updated. Simple.

The result?


Sure, with the budget of just over four hundred dollars, and the region’s small population size the numbers were never going to be big enough to be statistically significant.But the experiment was useful enough to help our clients listen to their audience and make the right move.Easy Exercising opened their third studio just near Cleveland (at Wellington Point) in July 2020 (delayed a couple of months because of the CoVid-19 shutdowns). As a by-product they added 37 email addresses to their list plus collected messages from the actual post.

An extra bonus

High-ticket Event Bookings:

How Grand Prix Yachting used Messenger to answer FAQs and drive bookings for Hamilton Island Race Week Messenger campaign and only $419.92 ad spend.

Grand Prix Yachting runs corporate and race event charters in Australia.

In the lead up to Hamilton Island Race Week, the team needed to save time answering questions from people who were “just looking”. So we built a Messenger flow that let people get answers to FAQs in an engaging way, and then move to the booking form if they were keen to spend a week crewing on a Volvo 60 ocean racer.

This simple flow meant that by the time they were on the phone and ready to book, they were mostly asking for their invoice to be sent.

Grand Prix Yachting’s Messenger Flow is a great example of the team having to spend less time on admin and freeing up more time to get out on the water. … and yes, everyone who signed up had an amazing time!

Ecommerce Email List-building:

How Daisy Cup grew their email list with a Facebook Messenger campaign, even while talking about Menstrual Cups on Facebook

Any ecommerce brand benefits from a solid email marketing list – it helps keep ROI high at competitive times of the year, when big brands drive up the costs of paid traffic, and means that the brand can really connect with its customer base for the long term.

Any ecommerce brand benefits from a solid email list – it helps keep ROI high at competitive times of the year, when big brands drive up the costs of paid traffic, and means that the brand can really connect with its customer base for the long term.

On this campaign, 98.8% of people who clicked from the ad went on to engage with the Messenger bot flow.

71.4% of those gave their email address as backup. Compared to a general landing page conversion rate of 20%, this was a far more effective method for the brand.

Once we had the email address logged, users were redirected immediately to a URL where they could download the ebook.

We then also sent them the ebook via email.

Once you get someone onto your list, make sure you pay attention to them. Keep it human – just nurture the relationship so that you’re top of mind. You can download our bonus email sequence template here from our Copywriting for Profit site, and adapt it to suit your business. 

What’s great about this sequence is that it walks the person through the “thing” they downloaded. This makes sure they get the benefit of the information (how many of us are guilty of thinking “I’ll read that later”?) and gives you a good reason to be in their inbox.

How to:

Set up your own Messenger Flow in ManyChat to build your email list

We’ve improved it from the one used for Daisy Cup so that it’s GDPR compliant, for anyone using this in Europe. If you don’t have a ManyChat Account, it’s easy to set up here. At just USD$10/month it’ll become part of your “secret weapon” toolbox.

How to:

Get your Lead Magnet done without having to write it yourself

Click the Red “Order Now” button, select ‘Article/Blog Post up to 1200 words’ and put your details on the Campaign Brief after payment.

Example social media ad copy to adapt and send out to people so that they click on your link.

It’s going to depend heavily on your product or service, of course.

For instance, we went all the way with Daisy Cup, using the caption: “Aunt flow feeling like a heck no? C’est la menstruation! We made an eBook full of tips to help soothe those troubles when the moon rears its ugly head. Download in Messenger…” But you might want to start with something more generic so that you can adapt it easily, like the one here.

Lead generation follow-up email sequence to adapt and send out to people who are added to your email list from your Messenger Campaign.

Once someone has downloaded your resource, you would be doing them no favours by setting them adrift.

Walk them through it. Let them know you’re able to help if they need assistance. Be top of mind when they need what you do. Download your copy of this follow-up email sequence and adapt it to suit your business.

Valued at $500!

Get your FREE Fill-in-the-blank Messenger Template

In the past it would have cost you $500 to have my team build this Messenger flow for you.

Clients happily paid for it as part of their full campaign setup. But today I’m giving it away to you for free. It’s GDPR-compliant and perfect for building your email list. Download it here right away.

Then let me know in the comments, which example above was most helpful to you?

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