Messenger (a.k.a Chatbot) Marketing


Honestly, the sky IS the limit when it comes to how to use Messenger Marketing in your business.

So, as usual, it’s going to come back to you … what do you need done? How would you feel if you could have any of these working for you 24/7?

* someone to answer those FAQs
* run competitions designed to grow your audience and build your email list
* help a customer choose not only the right product, but the right size and colour of each
* lead your customer through to purchase
* post-purchase, prompt your customer for a review BUT FIRST find out if they are satisfied and give you an opportunity to attend to any issues
* then, with that review, randomly direct customers to provide reviews on Google, Facebook, your website … so your bases are covered
* remind clients when your events are taking place
* run surveys to answer market research questions as you plan for growth

Why hire McKee Creative to build your Messenger Marketing Campaign? 

Success in Messenger Marketing is in the detail, and knowing how to build the flow in a way that is compliant with the policies of platforms such as Facebook and ManyChat.
We make sure it’s done right, with every step checked before launch.
Just went through the flow, everything worked perfectly. And my phone is going crazy with notifications of people clicking ‘show me the deals’!”
Nathan D

Just got our first booking for Wellington Point! Yippee!!”
Jessica C