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Our Test: Meta’s Ad Tips Revealed!

Our Test: Meta's Ad Tips Revealed!

If you’re running ads for your business, you’d be familiar with the automated suggestions that pop up in your ad account, telling you ways in which Meta thinks you can bring better results.

We’ve always been skeptical of these, as the tips given by Meta Support reps over the past 6 years have never resulted in better results. In fact, every single time we ran their test, we lost money.

But in the spirit of keeping an open mind, this month we took up Meta’s automated suggestion to combine ad sets. “You could get up to 3% reduction in your cost per acquisition,” said the system.

The ad spend and returns on our Meta ad account test

Our test had a total spend of $3,139.3 and lasted for just over 10 days.

Our initial ad sets were bringing 8.81 x and 7.94 x return on ad spend, for an average 8.37 x return on ad spend.

We ran Meta’s suggestion and the return on ad spend for that ad set was only 4.55 x.

This means our internal approach performed 84% better than Meta’s suggested approach.

On an ad spend of $3000 we found McKee Creative's internal process outperformed Meta's account suggestions.

We do think it’s a good idea to always keep an open mind.

But we have found the best results come when we keep our ad account simple, and use our intelligence on how our customer thinks, to bring the best returns.

Keep your ad account setup simple, and use your intelligence on how your customer thinks.

How to get the best results for your ads

That’s simple too. Apply to be a client at McKee Creative.

Here’s to your success!