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Mastering the Mix: Blending Paid and Organic Marketing for Sustainable Growth

Mastering the Mix: Blending Paid and Organic Marketing for Sustainable Growth

In today’s competitive marketplace, finding the right balance between paid and organic marketing strategies is crucial to build robust growth. Luckily, with McKee Creative’s innovative 4 Pillars Method, you can revolutionize your marketing strategy, combining the immediacy of paid ads with the enduring value of organic content. 

Setting you up for not just growth, but sustainable, manageable growth that translates into stable success.

Introduction to the 4 Pillars Method

McKee Creative creates consistent revenue growth for ecommerce and lead generation marketing campaigns. Our goal is to reduce your mental load by ensuring every aspect of your digital marketing is operating perfectly. 

And to achieve that goal, we’ve developed proven systems and a balanced approach to achieve sustainable growth. It’s our philosophy to integrate the 4 Pillars of paid ads, content marketing, email marketing and SEO into one foolproof system that is what we consider “apocalypse-proof”. 

Here’s why this blend is crucial to us:

  • Diversified reach and engagement
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Sustainable growth
  • Data driven insights
  • Brand authority and trust
  • Enhanced customer journey

If you’re not addressing each of our 4 Pillars, there’s a big chance you’re missing revenue opportunities and slowing down your own growth!

Pillar 1: Paid Ads

Paid ads are an essential practice in a robust marketing system. They’re a powerful tool for gaining immediate visibility and driving traffic to your site, offering quick results that can be precisely targeted to reach your ideal audience, giving you scalability and control, true data and analytics. 

To maximize your marketing efficiency, it’s crucial to not overlook the importance of paid ads, across a variety of platforms. While Facebook and Instagram ads are the go-to, don’t forget opportunities that may arise through Google, YouTube and even TikTok ads. 

Here are some best practices to keep in mind to ensure you ad spend is always delivering the highest possible return on investment:

– First and foremost: keep it simple!

One of the main things we see in our clients is a desire to chop and change and test on a daily basis. While we’re all for testing and tweaking, we’ve seen that sometimes the smallest, simplest changes are the best. Keep an eye on what is working and, if an ad drops in performance? Consider a small change such as a different headline or a changed graphic. While it might seem small, these seemingly-insignificant changes have shown dramatic results in our clients’ work over and over again.

the sustainable results we see with our paid ads

For results like this?

  1. Focus on “the one thing”
  2. Be with your customers rather than talking at them (imagine you’re sitting next to them, having a chat)
  3. Don’t complicate your ad sets

– Focus on what works with your target audience

We see a lot of advice around best-practices for how to write the best ad copy and exactly what works. But here’s a little secret: it all depends entirely on who you’re actually targeting. 

This is something we saw in one of our own successful campaigns. 

Cienna Designs is a bohemian fashion store whose main audience is women in their 40s and upward who want to rock some comfortable, breezy resort wear year round. 

For this audience, still images and carousel ads were not going to cut it, even with scroll-stopping copy. So, we helped this client choose the right influencer to help her marketing her products to the right audience. 

It all started with just one video. Of a real woman, in the right age group trying on pieces, styling them effectively, and describing her experience. We went ahead and turned this into a video ad and the rest is history … 

We saw $52,633 worth of sales in 7 short days, with upwards of 300 new people in the store’s database who we set up a beautiful nurture campaign for. (Psst, see how well this blend of organic and paid worked here?)

by focusing on the target audience, we were able to transform paid results for this brand. and all it took was one influencer video

Pillar 2: Content Marketing

When it comes to a sustainable marketing strategy, you can’t miss opportunities in content marketing. 

Writing blogs is a crucial part of our agency packages, as it works to build brand authority and trust. It’s not just about putting words on a page, it extends to ensuring that individuals are truly able to connect and engage with what you’re putting out. 

Much like paid ads, it’s important to remember what you’re actually offering, how that aligns with your audience, and what’s best for them. 

For our ecom fashion brands, we put a strong focus on fun, conversational blogs that help them style an outfit depending on the season, ways to flesh out their wardrobe with just one style, and putting those products on display in a realistic, fun way. 

For some brands, this won’t necessarily work. It can be beneficial to educate them, especially if you’re offering a service as opposed to a product. 

One brand we work with is a fashion ecomm brand, with a focus on sleepwear styles. While we love showing off how to wear them, we’ve found that blogs outlining the best way to set up their nightly ritual is a great way to educate them, while slipping in some products for them to use. This allows readers to gain something from the experience, whether or not they choose to buy. 

And when it comes to building authority and trust … This is the best thing you can do. 

Content marketing also leans into SEO efforts. Especially when you put a focus on SEO-optimized content, which is something McKee Creative is specialized in. 

All it requires is a strong keyword (found on SEMrush, Google Search Console, or even by doing a little Google research to see what your competitors are up to) and a commitment to hitting that keyword throughout your copy. 

From there, you can easily weave in your solution and *viola* you have engaging content that hits the mark, builds trust and authority, and also helps flesh out your SEO efforts.

Pillar 3: Email Marketing

If you’re not picking customers up with an effective email list, you’re missing out. 

This is a common mistake we see in many clients. They work their butts off building an incredible website, ads that hit the mark, but they’re essentially letting prospects slip right through the cracks without a proper email marketing set up. 

We also start off by building the essential flows: Welcome Series, Post-Purchase Nurture Sequence, Abandoned Cart, Site Abandonment, Browse Abandonment and Customer Winback. To us, these are crucial to ensure you’re not missing any opportunity to connect with potential customers. And from there, we work to build out any other essential flows, depending on the brand’s focus. 

We also encourage sending just one email campaign a week. It’s the perfect amount to avoid that “spammy” vibe that some brands encounter, while still keeping your brand top-of-mind. If you can also focus on personalized email campaigns that address your audience, you’ll see a lot of traction. 

We promise, when this system is fleshed out, it sees amazing results. One of our clients helped us prove exactly why email marketing is so important. Just take a look at the results we saw after building out her systems aligned with the 4 Pillars Method:

email marketing is crucial in the 4 pillars method for growth, just look at that sustainable revenue!

Want to see how we did it? Check out this case study today for all the details!

Pillar 4: SEO

The final pillar in our 4-pillar method is the crucial SEO. It’s essential for improving organic reach and ensuring your content is not only discoverable, but a trusted web source. It works hand-in-hand with content marketing to boost your site’s visibility on search engines, putting your brand top-of-mind. 

Here’s a few tips to flesh out your SEO:

  • Keyword Research: Identify and target the right keywords for your industry.
  • On-Page SEO: Optimize meta tags, headers, and content structure.
  • Performance Tracking: Use tools like Google Analytics to monitor your SEO efforts.

It’s all about paying attention to the data and working toward organic and paid systems – whether you’re just focusing on SEO-optimized content or running Google ads.

Integrating the Pillars

The true power of the 4-pillar method lies in the integration of these strategies. By combining paid and organic efforts, you can create a synergistic effect that drives exponential growth.

It’s all about consistent messaging, cross-channel promotion and ensuring that you’re not missing a beat when it comes to your brand. And the biggest tip we can give you? Make sure your messaging is clear, concise, and translates across all channels. 

It’s something that we in McKee Creative focus on throughout our services. 

It sees dramatic results but, more than that, it ensures that even if one platform goes down: you still have a robust system that’ll take you towards sustainable growth. Because it’s easy to keep that revenue flowing when your paid ads go down, but email, content marketing, and SEO-charged efforts are still taking place. 

We all know how it feels when the one system you’re relying on crashes, putting a dramatic pause to all opportunities for revenue …

When it comes to building a robust system, it’s important to blend paid and organic marketing for sustainable growth that truly hits the mark. This ensures that you’re not missing any opportunity to put your brand at the forefront of its target audience, and also ensures that even if one system goes down, you’re not up the creek without a paddle. 

By combining the 4 Pillars Method of paid ads, content marketing, email marketing and SEO, you’ll discover more than just immediate results to scale your business: but a foundation for growth that is sustainable in the long run. 

Because it’s not all about the quick wins – it’s about nurturing that growth for years to come.

Ready to turbocharge your brand’s growth with a balanced marketing strategy?

Discover how McKee Creative can help you leverage both paid and organic marketing to its fullest potential. Book a call today and take the first step towards transforming your brand’s marketing efforts into a powerful growth engine.