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5 reasons why the Retail Therapy marketing package is essential to your business

5 reasons why the retail therapy marketing package is essential to your business

If you’re reading this as an ecommerce brand owner who has made it through to those first $100k revenue months, you’ll know that the biggest peace of mind comes from having people onboard you can trust.

Here are five reasons why the Retail Therapy marketing package is essential to your business:

1. Expert guidance and advice

In his classic analysis of business growth set out in the book “Good to Great”, Jim Collins emphasized the importance of “getting the right people on the right seat in the bus.” Which is to say that once you have the right people in the right role, your business will more easily adapt to a fast-changing world. (If you are interested in working through Jim’s diagnostic tool, click here to access the pdf.)

When you hire McKee Creative to run your marketing, you have that seat on your bus sorted.

To illustrate: Elon Musk said “You are paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of the problems you solve.”

It’s become “our thing” that we solve problems for our clients that other agencies couldn’t.

Sometimes those are simple, elegant solutions within an ad account.

On other occasions, those solutions are quite out of the scope of our work, but we spot an opportunity that fixes a weakness the brand was facing.

The point is that we’re not just robotically running your accounts. We stand alongside you, looking at things from a business owner’s point of view, and making sure progress continues to be made.

Hear what Pedramin says about our approach:

2. Comprehensive suite of marketing services, all in one bundle

Too often, ecommerce brands end up with a hot mess of contractors and small agencies where someone on the team still needs to co-ordinate and check every single step. 

With the Retail Therapy marketing package, all of that is eliminated.

As is the room for error.

The only task we need you to do is say “Hey, here’s the footage from our latest photoshoot!” 

We’ll get right on it, repurposing for each platform, getting it into the ads, the posts, the blogs and working on the SEO for that collection.

“Their team is in-tune with me and really cares about what they’re doing.”
– Sarah, owner of Cienna Designs

3. Massive cost savings

The Retail Therapy marketing package is an ecommerce business dream. Check out the value of what we charge for each separately, and you’ll immediately see the insane value you get when you subscribe.

~ Facebook/Instagram campaigns (up to $30k/month ad spend)
VALUE: $2500/month

~ Google Ads (up to $30k/month ad spend)
VALUE: $2000/month

~ Tik Tok Ads (up to $30k/month ad spend)
VALUE: $2000/month

~ Email Marketing: flows, segmentation, analytics and up to 7 campaigns per week
VALUE: $2000/month

~ Weekly blog posts based on keyword research
VALUE: $1800/month

VALUE: $800/month

~ Daily organic posts on Facebook and Instagram (creative, copy and posting)
VALUE: $3100/month

~ Daily organic posts on Tik Tok (creative, copy and posting)
VALUE: $3100/month

Total Value = $17,300/month
Actual subscription price: $4997/fortnight

Beyond the actual dollar savings, the smooth operation created by one team looking after all facets means links work, messaging is consistent, and opportunities for revenue increase are spotted that never would be noticed when a bunch of individual contractors work in silos.

4. Increased visibility & reach

The Retail Therapy package was created out of experience.

Seven years ago we were just running Facebook ads.

We noticed that when we created engaging organic content for those clients’ pages, the cost per acquisition in the paid campaigns was reduced.

That means that more people were seeing the paid ads for the same budget, with more conversions and more revenue. It also generated business from comments on the organic posts, and the organic traffic to the site increased as we published regular blog posts.

Every ecommerce brand needs to get the best value possible out of their ad dollar.

The Retail Therapy marketing package delivers.

5. More efficient operations

Every single day we have a team member scanning every single facet of your marketing operations. This ensures:

~ no tasks are forgotten

~ the media buyers, email marketers, content creators, copywriters and researchers on your account know there’s a second set of eyes for backup, and to bounce ideas on

~ every team member keeps their sights on your monthly revenue to date, which means their subconscious mind is scanning for opportunities to improve on that

We have efficient SOPs in place for every facet of our work. The beautiful thing about this is that our minds are free for creativity instead of the anxiety that comes when things are in disarray.

Out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged. For instance, one of our Google Ads buyers might notice a particular search term being used in the ad account. He lets the blog writers know, who turns that into the H1 for the next blog post, which in turn fuels the subject line of the next email campaign. No business owner plans for this, but it creates serendipitous moments to boost revenue on all fronts.

Every month we monitor 23 KPIs to keep tabs on eROAS across all aspects of your campaigns.

BONUS: Satisfaction Guaranteed

Imagine an agency that says “Hey, if within your first 30 days you’re not satisfied with our work, we’ll refund the fees and send you a case of wine for your time.”

You found it.

We aren’t amateurs or kids working from laptops in bedrooms so, no, we don’t guarantee ROI. We don’t own or control the ad platforms and sadly, don’t have the Zuck on speed dial.

But we stand by our work.

Within your first month you’ll have a sense of whether you want to hang around.

Think of it like a dating period before we move in together. If for any reason you think it’s not a good fit in the first 30 days, simply say the word and we’ll go our separate ways.

We’ll even refund the agency fees paid to date AND send you a case of wine for your time.

Just like dating though, we reserve the right to break up with you too.

Our clients stay with us for a long time, often for years. It’s important we get this right and you feel ZERO pressure to stay.

If you don’t feel that our work is delivered professionally and on time, let us know within the first 30 days. Terms and conditions? Click here to read.

Ready for peace of mind when it comes to the marketing of your business? Create your subscription to the Retail Therapy marketing package here.