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Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Your guide to help to make the decision between keeping it in-house or hiring an agency, as easy and uncomplicated as possible.

Digital marketing is essential to establishing a strong brand voice, finding new customers and growing your business.

But it can be tough to know whether it’s better to hire a digital marketing agency or build an in-house team instead, especially when you want the best results for your business. 

Though it might seem like a tough decision to make, it’s actually quite simple. 

By weighing up the benefits of each and understanding what’s the best approach for your business’s needs, you can make the perfect choice and represent your brand the BEST way possible… for you and your business. 

Because that’s what marketing should be about no matter what. 

What is a Digital Marketing Agency?

A digital marketing agency promotes your brand on one or more digital platforms, whether specialised or full-service. 

By hiring a digital marketing agency of any kind, you’re able to put facets of your digital marketing on autopilot, without having to recruit or oversee an in-house team.  

This can be a great time-saving investment, as it means you can focus on other, more important aspects of your business. 


  • Automation of your digital marketing. 
  • Time-saving investment; can focus on other aspects of business.
  • Expert understanding of facets of digital marketing producing high-quality content.
  • Full-service marketing will look at the big picture and effectively manage your budget.
  • Better results than in-house. 
  • Most bang for your buck!


  • Can be costly to outsource you work 
  • Don’t have direct control; can be tough to find the right person to represent your brand
  • Specialised marketing services can be difficult to manage, as you’re still needing to understand marketing to some degree, or outsource again for collection and analysis of data. 

What’s the difference between specialised & full-service digital marketing agencies?

It’s actually pretty self-explanatory, once you know what you’re talking about. 

Full-service digital marketing agencies professionally handle many, if not all, facets of your digital marketing, such as emails, Facebook & Instagram ads, Google ads, SEO, copywriting and graphic design. They effectively manage your budget to ensure your funds are being used with the latest tools to maximise overall impact. With a clear understanding of specifics, they stay up to date with industry changes and expectations of Google and Facebook standards, keeping your revenue stream nice and healthy. They’re familiar with different data-analysing sites and will save you an extra step in the long run. Implementing a clear and vast experience in all fields of digital marketing, these services can create high quality content across all platforms. 

A quality full-service digital marketing agency will usually begin by assessing your current position along with any competitors. From there, they can create an actionable marketing plan that fits with your budget, and achieve your goals in brand representation & scale.

They look at the big picture, as well as all the small details. 

Specialised agencies, on the other hand, usually only focus on 1 or 2 services that they’re highly experienced in. Instead of hiring a large number of people with vast knowledge, they’re more likely to hire multiple professionals on 1 or 2 topics. This means you’ll need to outsource to multiple places to get all your digital marketing managed. This is not only more costly in the end and a big use of time, it can also mean your brand voice gets lost in the mix. You’ll also need to keep a greater eye on the general management of your digital marketing, as you’re relying on many different professions, you will need to ensure it all flows and, often, will need to then outsource for any analysis of data. 

Though we wouldn’t recommend specialised agencies often, we do find, in combination with a successful, but limited, in-house digital marketing system, they can be incredibly effective in giving a new perspective without taking all responsibility. Even if you just take a marketing manager on board with outsourced specialised agencies; it can be a great way to actively emphasise control over your digital marketing, while also allowing for new perspective and more time for other things. 

While full-service digital marketing agencies might be the most costly at first glance, they’ll offer the most bang for your buck in terms of result and ability to step aside. By managing all aspects of your digital marketing, they’re able to consistently create content for your voice, deliver it across all platforms with strength and analyse and use this data effectively for future.

Questions to ask when scouting for an agency?

If you do decide to opt for an agency, here are just a few questions we consider asking the agency during the process:

  • What paid platforms do you have the skills to advertise on?
  • Do you include SEO?
  • Do you back it up with email marketing?
  • Can you share examples of the results of your work?
  • How do you estimate what ad spend will be needed to achieve the KPIs for my brand?

Can’t I just do it all myself?

Of course you can. 

A lot of businesses opt for in-house digital marketing, meaning that instead of outsourcing your work, you’re handling it directly within your business. 

This is great for businesses that have the time, money, and a clear understanding of digital marketing in general, especially for their brand. 

If you’re an expert in digital marketing, have already built a process for scaling business, AND you’ve got the time and money, an in-house digital marketing team can be a good option. 

A lot of businesses start out with self-made marketing anyway, so taking the next step up from this and creating employment opportunities for individuals is an incredible way of developing a digital marketing process.

However, it can be a lot to manage. You’ll usually need to hire a marketing manager and coordinator, plus an entire team to work below them. Not only can this become a costly endeavour, it can also mean more time focused on the hiring and training of staff, as opposed to other aspects of business. 

If you aren’t short on time or money though, this can be a great way to train someone directly, to understand your business ideals and implement them in your marketing strategy. It can mean more control over every aspect of the digital marketing process, which can yield great results if done well. 

Most marketing managers are able to oversee a handful of marketing initiatives, however they’re unlikely to be able to confidently manage content strategy, content writing, technical SEO, social media, email marketing, and analysis. This can mean that even with a full team implemented, you might be looking at additional costs for marketing experts. 

While a great idea for some, this option can often yield poor results, create a deep well in your pocket, and drain you of time and energy. 


  • Create employment opportunities by hiring a team.
  • Control over the digital marketing process, no guesswork involved when you’re building from ground up. 
  • Freedom to train someone directly to understand business ideals and implement them as a marketing strategy. 


  • Drains a lot of time from other aspects of business.
  • It is the most costly option due to hiring and training necessary.
  • Will still need to find marketing experts to overlook your content.
  • Complicated and low results if implemented incorrectly.

So, what’s right for me?

Well, that depends on what you really want from your digital marketing. 

If you want to yield great results in all fields, without excessive cost or time spent, a full-service digital marketing agency is the perfect answer to your business.

However, if you are an expert in digital marketing, have already built processes for scaling business, and have the time & money to support a team of staff, we won’t try and steer you away from in-house digital marketing. 

We understand that control over your business can make a real difference. 

Plus, if you want to run your digital marketing in-house, you can easily outsource to specialised agencies for fresh perspective whenever you need.

But for those of us that want success WITHOUT having to become marketing professionals?

Always consult help. 

Here at McKee Creative, we offer full-service digital marketing and get your ads running like clockwork. We use your investment to realise audacious dreams. 

We understand digital marketing is all about you!

So, if you’re trying to decide if it’s right for you to hire a digital marketing agency, just remember to consider your brand’s needs and goals, and work out whether you want automation, or control. 

For automation? Trust us. 

We’ll use it to invest in your dreams. 

Because marketing was only ever meant to be about you and your brand, right?
If you think hiring an agency is the best thing for your business, book a call with us today and let’s see if we make a good fit!