Three days ago we turned this client’s funnel back on after pausing at the end of November. Many of their customers are grandparents who need to help look after their grandchildren over the holidays, and the owners also wanted some time off. I was a little concerned about the loss of data in our custom audiences with such a long break.

No need for that concern, though.

In this campaign we have two objectives:

1. Bring new customers to one of their studios (the first studio is full, so we’ve kind of done ourselves out of a job there!)

2. Build a mailing list via Messenger, so that when the third studio opens we can send an email out to everyone who’s interested.

Budget overall: just $50/day. We allocated $30/day to the lead generation and $20/day to the Messenger campaign.

The action so far?

10 leads for the studio that’s already open.

14 people joined the mailing list for the new studio (of those, one person insisted on making their booking now rather than waiting for the announcement!)

The usual conversion rate for our leads on this campaign is 30%. So, of the 10, at least 3 will join. Then there’s the booking in place for the new studio, so that’s 4 new customers.

The lifetime value of a client? Around $1200 a year. When I asked how long a customer stayed, my clients chuckled. “Until they die!” (don’t take this the wrong way – everyone has a lot of fun and people just don’t want to leave!)

So a conservative estimate of the $126.84 spent so far would be $4800 back. That’s over 37 times what was spent. It doesn’t count the strong word-of-mouth new clients tend to get involved in. And it doesn’t count the people who will join the new studio from the Mailing List campaign.


How do we do it?

This client has nailed their messaging and creative assets. (And don’t be daunted … their creative assets are not fancy. They’re just real.) They know exactly the kind of person they serve. And what they’re doing is genuinely helpful to their customers.

How does this help you?

I wanted to share some numbers that show you how important it is to keep things human. When you know who you help, how you help them and what the outcome is, you can create a very powerful marketing campaign.

Don’t be discouraged if you are facing challenges in your business. Look at the bottleneck, evaluate what you can do with the resources available, and go for it!

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