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Why regular blog posting is the foundation to an unbreakable marketing system

Why Blog publishing is the foundation to your unbreakable marketing system


If your marketing system feels like a dog’s breakfast and you can barely remember who’s looking after what …

We’re talking “I know we’re spending money but I don’t know what’s happening with it” kind of cold despair …

What we’re about to share with you will save your sanity.

Effective marketing is extremely simple when you consistently cover four areas each week: SEO, publishing blog posts, email marketing and paid acquisition.

And it begins with the content published on your website

Why Blog publishing is the foundation to your unbreakable marketing system

Think of your blog content as the engine for your marketing.

Your blog content fuels:

  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Paid ads
  • and also builds long-term organic traffic to your site. 

Extra tip: Because relevant blog content contributes to a positive user experience on your site, another nice by-product we have found is that it helps keep your paid advertising costs down. Did you know that advertising platforms monitor the quality of your destination page and site?

Publishing a blog post each week is doable for even a small business, and this cadence is frequent enough that within two years you should see a significant increase in volume of traffic to your site. 

“Did you say 2 years??!


Two years might sound long … but think back over the past two years and you’ll realise it’s barely a blip. How long have you been procrastinating for, anyway?

Why does it take 2 years to see progress from blogging?

It doesn’t have to.

Things can move a lot faster, as we found with Studio 8 Residences – in just three months we increased their traffic by 62%, with just 12 posts!

But usually, a site must deal with what’s known as Google’s ‘sandbox’. Think about it: Google’s algorithm wants to know you’re not throwing up spam sites with a bunch of junk content. The sandbox is actually a theoretical concept based on the observations of those in the SEO world over years, but whether it’s for quality evaluation or to push people to pay-per-click doesn’t matter as much as the value in knowing it can happen.

The effect of the sandbox is that it can take months where nothing seems to be moving, and then all of a sudden the volume of visitors picks up, dramatically.

Publishing blog posts regularly is a proven, powerful method of attracting exactly the right calibre of clients to your business, but also they are THE foundation to building your unbreakable marketing system. We tend to set expectations of 18 months – 2 years, or if you’re prepared to up your commitment, 150 posts.

As with anything, it’s a rule of thumb.

When you publish blogs consistently on your website, the content can serve many purposes.

What to do with your blog post so that it serves more than one purpose.

Once you have created a blog post, take segments to create:

  • an email to your list (every week, at least)
  • a handful of posts for your social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tik Tok (daily) …
  • a video for your YouTube channel (and then embed that video right back into your blog post)

… while this is all happening, the post does its actual job of helping visitors learn more about your business when they visit your site.

Publish blog posts consistently and have your team repurpose them to use elsewhere in your marketing.

Why doesn’t everyone write regular blog posts for their business?

Writing blogs is not technically difficult. As a business owner, you know exactly what questions your prospective customers are asking, and you know exactly what problems you solve.

So why isn’t everyone doing it?

Because publishing blog posts consistently is something most people find hard.

Many people start, then give up right before the magic happens.

But when you stick with it, you will become one of those rare business owners who has what it takes to:

  • chuckle when their paid traffic systems falter
  • laugh in the face of algorithm changes
  • look cool in conversations where others are complaining about a high cost-per-acquisition

How to write blog posts for your small business that actually earn you money

To write blog posts that actually earn you money, stick to what your customers want to know and what you think they should know.

It really is that easy, on principle. 

For tips on writing an SEO-optimised blog, check out this article titled, incredibly, How to write an SEO-optimised article. And for a template on blog writing, you’re welcome to adapt the one we use in-house. It’s so not-fancy we don’t even have our logo on it. Swipe away!

Prefer a done-for-you blog writing package?

McKee Creative’s Done-for-you Blog Package includes 4 posts/month + technical and on-page SEO. It’s the exact package that worked so well for Studio 8.

Price: $1800/month. 

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